Next-gen imaging systems

Syngene has introduced its latest generation of imaging systems, featuring a super-sensitive lens for quick, accurate imaging of all gels and blots

New automated gel doc system

Syngene launches automated gel doc system for busy labs

New imaging products showcased

Syngene to present new-look imaging systems at ArabLab

New gel imaging system

Compact, cost-effective system puts scientists in control of their gel imaging

Gel and blot imaging in one system

Syngene introduces G:BOX mini multi-application imaging system

Gel imaging system

NuGenius+ delivers fast, accurate imaging of stain-free protein gels

Gel imaging used to study effects of stressors on bacteria

Research may contribute to Identifying targets for new anti-microbials

Fluorescent peptide imager

Provides researchers with a simple, sensitive method to detect cancer-linked transcription factors

New compact, multi-application imaging systems

Syngene launches sensitive imaging range for detection of faint bands on large blots and gels

First remote access blot and gel imager launched

T:Genius saves time by letting researchers see results anywhere, anytime

Speed up analysis of DNA and proteins

Researchers in the Horsfall Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland are using a G:BOX Chemi XT4 multi-application imager to analyse agarose gels of bacterial DNA

Quantifying IR fluorescent viral antigens faster and more accurately

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, are using Syngene’s G:BOX Chemi XX6 multi-application imager

Advanced imaging system used in new application by UK scientists

Fluorescent and chemiluminescent proteins imaged on one Western blot in new University of Cambridge application





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