Sweet or savoury?

New research on how the brain makes preference-based decisions

Sweet success for sustainable biofuel research

Scientists have found a way to increase fermentable sugar stores in plants which could lead to plant biomass being easier to convert into eco-friendly sustainable biofuels.

Demand drives advances in natural savoury and sweet flavourings

Major manufacturers continue to invest heavily in savoury and sweet flavourings as demand for natural products grows. Sean Ottewell reports.

Sweet, sugar-free and healthy: confectionary offers tasty benefits

Continuing developments in the functionality or health benefits of sugar-free confectionery are boosting an already successful international market. In a report, the Leatherhead Food Research Association states that the trend towards tasty nutrition ahas fuelled a drastic rise in the popularity of products containing health benefit ingredients'.

Surcrose: a sweet taste to mask the bitterness of pharmaceutical ingredients

Sucrose is commonly used as an excipient in oral pharmaceuticals like syrups, tablets or sachets, due to its properties. It is: soluble; anhydrous, inert, chemically, physically and microbiologically stable; available in a variety of physical forms; masks any bitterness the pharmaceutical ingredient may have; natural and vegetable origin.

Jacobs researchers reveal the sweet secret of caramel

Slowly heating sugar until it transforms into tasty caramel is one of the culinary world’s basic delights and one of the first exposures of children to chemistry. Teasing apart the chemical composition of caramel has, however, been a sticky problem for food chemists, due to the enormous complexity of the product mixtures obtained.

Sweet nanotech batteries

Nanotechnology could improve the life of the lithium batteries used in portable devices, including laptop computers, mp3 players, and mobile phones.





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