Sugar seen as ‘friend and foe’ by European consumers

Sugar and carbohydrates play a key role in consumer behaviour when dealing with health concerns

Stevia: the fast growing alternative to sugar

Natural sweetener derived from a plant native to Central and South America

Sugar substitutes help reduce caloric intake

A new study further demonstrates that people who consume low-calorie sweeteners are able to significantly reduce their caloric intake and do not overeat.

Sugar in biotech drugs causes inflammation

Researchers have discovered that a kind of sugar molecule common to chimpanzees, gorillas and other mammals but not found in humans provokes a strong immune response in some people.

Treatment of gums may lower blood sugar

Recent research suggests that the treatment of serious periodontal disease in diabetics with Type 2 diabetes may lower their blood sugar levels.

Sugar Free Probiotic Yogurt Bears for Children

Anlit Advanced Nutrition, Israel, in close collaboration with Danisco, has unveiled its latest innovation - sugar free vanilla flavored Probiotic Yogurt Bears - a unique and appealing delivery format to provide probiotics to children.

Sugar plays key role in cell division

Using an elaborate sleuthing system they developed to probe how cells manage their own division, scientists have discovered that common but hard-to-see sugar switches are partly in control.

Bulmers installs bench top analyser for sugar testing

Chemistry analysis specialist HORIBA Medical has placed the first ABX Pentra 400 bench top chemistry analyser into the UK Cider industry at the Bulmers Cider Mill in Hereford.

Consumers confused about sugar ingredients

Replacing high fructose corn syrup in foods with other fructose-containing sweeteners will provide neither improved nutrition nor a meaningful solution to the obesity crisis, according researchers.

Sugar key to bacterial resistance

The bacteria responsible for chronic infections in cystic fibrosis patients use one of the sugars on the germs' surface to start building a structure that helps the microbes resist efforts to kill them.

Nutritional texturiser mimics mouthfeel of fat or sugar

The nutritional texturiser EQUACIA – from Colloides Naturels International (CNI) – is designed to mimic the rheological and mouthfeel properties of fat or sugar while fortifying food products with fibre (90percent) guaranteed on dry extract).

Sugar replacer has avery low glycemic index' researchers verify

Tests at the Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service (SUGiRS) have verified that the sugar replacer Isomalt from Palatinit has a very low glycemic index (GI), well below that of certain other sugar substitutes and types of sugars.

New sugar for direct compression

The direct compression excipient market is now rapidly expanding.

Over-consumption of sugar linked to ageing

Scientists discovered to their surprise that if they removed the gene for a glucose sensor from yeast cells, they lived just as long as those living on a glucose-restricted diet.





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