Viridis Strategy Group describes breakthrough acceleration solution

Companies looking for fast-paced innovation to reach ambitious sustainability goals in energy, water, new products, and broad processes have a proven solution in Viridis Strategy Group’s Breakthrough Acceleration solution.

New treatment strategy for bowel cancer patients

Scientists have found an important new drug target for advanced bowel cancer that could also be used to identify tumours that will respond to a drug already used in other cancers

New strategy to fight cancer drug resistance

Scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have found a way to disable a common protein that often thwarts chemotherapy treatment of several major forms of cancer.

Flu's Evolution Strategy Strikes Perfect Balance

Scientists have uncovered the flu's secret formula for effectively evolving within and between host species. The key lies with the flu's unique replication process.

Strategy to limit global warming

Researchers have identified three avenues by which the major greenhouse gas-emitting countries countries can avoid reaching the warming threshold.

Good neighbours in strategy against herbivores

A study reveals how a species of birch tree adsorbs chemical compounds from neighbouring marsh tea plants, Rhondodendron tomentosum, in a unique 'defence by neighbour strategy.'

Licorice offers cancer prevention strategy

A chemical component of licorice may offer a new approach to preventing colorectal cancer without the adverse side effects of other preventive therapies.





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