Undercounter refrigerators with redundant cooling

Designed to minimise energy usage and noise, while maintaining high levels of performance and maximising storage capacity

Environmentally-friendly reagent reservoirs

Integra offers a range of high quality multichannel reservoirs that feature reusable bases

Flash point testing

The latest Setaflash Series 3 instruments incorporate several innovative design features

Mass transfer and storage

Latest Developments in to support redefinition of the kilogramme for 2018

Precision blood sampling

The hemaPEN is a prototype blood collection and storage device

Fraction collection storage solution

Porvair Sciences has announced a storage solution for HPLC fractions comprising its 2ml round deep well microplate and high integrity cap mat seals

Best practices for blood banking

Maurizio Merli and Joe Arteaga examine best practice considerations for successful blood banking and look at innovations in some of the instrumentation involved in the processing, tracing, storage, and monitoring of blood

Secure storage of blood fraction samples

Biobank Uppsala, a leading Scandinavian biobank, has reported on its use of 2D-coded sample storage tubes, racks and caps from Micronic to provide traceable, high integrity storage of blood fraction samples.

Canine carrier screening

Rainin TerraRacks help screening service put the focus on canine genetics

Condensed matter physics research could revolutionise data transfer and storage

Maximal Rashba-like spin splitting via kinetic energy-coupled inversion symmetry breaking

Investigating cell differentiation

Rainin TerraRacks are light weight, easy to store and recyclable

BioAscent expands compound management services

BioAscent Discovery has announced that it will act as the central hub of an open innovation initiative promoting natural products in life sciences 

New 10-Plate petri dish racks and coloured tags

Don Whitley Scientific Limited (DWS) has this week launched a new 10-Plate Petri Dish Rack made from stainless steel.

Low profile deep well plate increases storage capacity

Designed to make optimum use of storage space in HPLC autosamplers, robotic stackers and freezers

Cryogenic storage rack for high volume samples

Durably constructed the thick-walled Arctic Rack-24 from Micronic is a new rack and cover enabling high integrity sample storage at ultra low (cryogenic) temperatures over extended periods of time.

Maximising cold storage capacity

Thermo Scientific Revco UxF Series increases internal space within a small laboratory footprint

Streamlining sample storage for donor organisations and tissue banks

Comprises storage tubes, tube screw caps, racks, tube readers and sample management software






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