High efficiency ozone/UV steriliser

Amsbio announces its new generation laboratory benchtop steriliser - the CoolCLAVE Plus

Manufacturer sees the benefits of OEM Pump Head

Optimec, a leading manufacturer of soft contact lens measurement instrumentation collaborates with Verderflex for effective method of pumping a closed circuit of filtered and temperature controlled saline solution soft contact lens measurement instrument wet cell.

Cherwell provides practical microbiological solutions at PHSS 2013

Cherwell Laboratories will be offering expert knowledge and demonstrating their comprehensive range of specialist environmental monitoring and process validation products at the forthcoming PHSS Annual Members Conference 2013, Microbial Aspects of Cleanroom Manufacture.

Intrinsically safe flame sterilisation

Flame sterilisation is a routine task carried out in many microbiological, clinical and life science laboratories

Why the autoclave is best for sterilisation

Sterilisation may be defined as the statistically complete destruction of all microorganisms including the most resistant bacteria and spores.

Reliable temperature measurement is key to the sterilisation cycle

The elimination of micro-organisms to the point at which they are no longer detectable in standard media culture, is a basic and essential process within the fields of pharmaceutical manufacturing, research and in health care organisations. The process within which this is carried out is sterilisation, of which there are various forms, but perhaps the most prominent of these is steam or moist heat sterilisation. Neville J. Mitchell reports.





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