Work begins on £223 million bioscience centre

National Horizons Centre will drive economic growth in STEM industries

Careers fair for women in STEM

Networking career opportunity for young women in the South West

Super powerful STEM pinpoints single atoms

A super powerful Scanning Transition Electron Microscope (STEM) that can pinpoint the position of single atoms has been unveiled by EPSRC

Dental pulp stem cells transformed by ‘bad breath’ chemical

Japanese scientists have found that the odorous compound responsible for halitosis - otherwise known as bad breath - is ideal for harvesting stem cells taken from human dental pulp.

Free trial of STEM Integrity 10 Reaction Station

Electrothermal’s STEM Integrity 10 Reaction Station enables ten experiments to be run simultaneously within the same unit, each with its own temperature profile and precisely controlled stirring rate. Now universities, companies and organisations have the opportunity to try this unique, state-of-the-art product for free.

Chemically defined stem cell cryopreservation solution

Completely free of serum and animal derived components, and contains only European or US Pharmacopoeia graded ingredients

Banning federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research 'would derail related work'

Scientists hope to understand and treat disease, and possibly to grow new tissues to replace diseased organs

Automated cell culture and maintenance system for stem cell research

CompacT SC can be used to aseptically culture multiple different stem cell lines in parallel using T75 and T175 flasks

Disease-specific human embryonic stem cell lines

University of Michigan joins a small handful of US universities that are creating disease-specific human embryonic stem cell lines

Reproducible undifferentiated growth of pluripotent stem cells

Feeder cells remain the most traditional and popular method of maintain stable undifferentiated growth of the pluripotent stem cells

World's first in-human stem cell trial begins

The first patient has been treated with stem cell therapy in a ground-breaking UK clinical trial

Stem cell culture surface enables direct attachment

Thermo Scientific Nunclon Vita Surface eliminates feeder cells or matrix coatings

Synthetic bone graft recruits stem cells

A new study shows how particles of a ceramic called calcium phosphate have the ability to stimulate promising bone regrowth by attracting stem cells and 'growth factors' to promote healing and the integration of the grafted tissue.

Factors behind blood-making stem cells

A study identifies factors that control the production of hematopoietic stem cells and offers interesting insight critical to the development of novel regenerative therapies.

Therapeutic potential of embryonic stem cells

The therapeutic potential of embryonic stem cells has been an intense focus of study and discussion in biomedical research and has resulted in technologies to produce human induced pluripotent stem cells.

A launchpad for stem cell research

Stem cell research holds promise for improving the quality of human life - especially embryonic stem cells, which can potentially develop into any tissue in the human body. However, basic scientific problems still remain unresolved.

New type of human stem cell

Researchers have a developed a new type of human pluripotent stem cell that can be manipulated more readily than currently available stem cells.

Induced pluripotent stem cells' limitations

Scientists may be one step closer to being able to generate any type of cells and tissues from a patient's own cells.

Ageing gene plays role in stem cell differentiation

A gene shown to play a role in the ageing process appears to play a role in the regulation of the differentiation of embryonic stem cells, according to researchers.

Endometrial stem cells restore dopamine

Endometrial stem cells injected into the brains of mice with a laboratory-induced form of Parkinson's disease appeared to take over the functioning of brain cells eradicated by the disease.






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