Space greenhouse set up on International Space Station

Greenhouse project, funded by the European Space Agency, involves astronaut growing Arabidopsis (thale cress) and lettuce seedlings

Versatile Microplate Blowdown Station

Designed to quickly and safely remove solvents from 96 or 384-well plates, the Ultravap Blowdown Station from Porvair Sciences Ltd. is a versatile tool proven to optimise microplate sample preparation productivity.

New Automatic cell feeding station

PROcellcare stands for a system, which supplies live cells under the microscope with biological nutrient and working solutions thus allowing the scientist/developer to execute efficient and automatic dispensing and controlling processes of the equipment.

Versatile reaction station for productive parallel chemistry

The Carousel 6 reaction station family from Radleys provides a simple, versatile and convenient solution for chemists.

Monitor can be located 250 metres from base station

The MLS2000, from Monitherm Ltd, is based around an industrial PC with a current maximum of 128 radio transmitter sensors which can be located up to 250 metres from the base station.

Environmental impact: the challenge for base station roll-out

Mobile operators carry signals to a handset through the airwaves via a network of base station sites, full of antennas and equipment. Next-generation mobile networks will demand far more such base stations, bringing with them a host of health, safety and environmental concerns ­ both real and spurious, as Jim Costello reports.





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