New reference standards in optical metrology

Olympus LEXT OLS4000 becomes reference for imaging confocal microscopy in metrology

Reaching quality standards with a systematic approach to design

Adrian Possumato examines pseudo-empirical modelling which is essential to achieving true Quality by Design.

Standards for a new genomic era

A team of geneticists has recently proposed a set of standards designed to elucidate the quality of publicly available genetic sequencing information.

Genetics: Exploring microbial genomics standards

If researchers would embrace the world of possibilities that lie beyond the present anthropocentric focus and would also institute shared standards for genomic data collection and analysis.

Electronic submission standards: opening the door to change

Outsourcing the management of submission software and related services could be the key to the dynamism and agility pharmaceutical companies now crave, says Gilbert Kampfner.

Impact of new standards

How do you prioritise the implementation of new regulatory standards?
What impact they are likely to have over the next few years.

Blue conveyor belts help improve hygiene standards

Hygiene is the key issue in any food processing. However, the hygienic design of conveyer belts which transport food are little considered. Olaf Heide reports.

Meeting traceability standards in laboratories and documentation

Analytic conceptual formulation traceability and the complete documentation of the production processes play a more important role of extended product liability, more than ever.

Meeting safety standards by investing in pasteurisation

Dr Cameon Ivarsson reports on the challenge facing countries to improving their own standards if they hope to export and commercialise their products in Europe.

catalogue for mycotoxin food standards

LGC Promochem, Europe's leading supplier of certified reference materials, has increased its product range for food safety and quality control, industry and occupational hygiene.

Gigabit Ethernet is key weapon in telecoms standards battle

An ever-increasing demand for more bandwidth within the telecoms industry is paving the way for major opportunities for a new generation of companies able to provide state-of-the-art solutions. But can the traditional firms fight back by making futher use of their existing networks? Paul Gannon reports.

Easing the burden of transition to new laboratory standards

Any changes in legislation can prove to be a burden on the laboratory, both in terms of administration and in terms of methods of working. In the UK, for example, the introduction of the new

ISO 17025 standard has brought with it major headaches.

A new source of spectrophotometric primary reference standards

NIST has produced Standard Reference Materials for calibrating the wavelength scale and verifying the absorbance accuracy of UV/Visible spectrophotometers for several decades. Recently, the NIST production capacity has become insufficient to meet demand and a programme has been developed to leverage NIST measurement capability through the private sector. By Lesley DeLong.

Air Products drives standards of accuracy in gas analysis

Air Products is driving standards of accuracy in gas analysis by using its extensive knowledge and expertise to develop gas products that are fit for the most testing laboratory and emissions-testing applications. Find out more at LAB INNOVATIONS 2012 from 7-8th November.




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