Revised global O-ring standard harmonises US, Europe and Asia

ISO 3601, the standard covering O-Rings, the most commonly used seal, has been revised to meet American, European, as well as Asian needs.

New hygienic guidelines raise the standard for processing equipment

The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) is a consortium of equipment manufacturers, food companies, research institutes and public health authorities who have formed in order to promote hygiene during the processing and packing of food products.

Standard file formats – taking mass spectrometry a step forward

Standard file formats are critical when immediate and easy access to a range of raw instrument data is required.

Pressure devices now have non-invasive sensor detection as standard

Elfab, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of pressure-relief systems, has added detection to each of its main product lines, giving end-users an immediate indication that a bursting device has operated.

Automatic pressure filters available in five standard frame sizes

Larox’s C48 Series Automatic Pressure Filter, which includes the world’s largest Automatic Pressure Filter with 168m2 of filtration area, uses the Larox 6m2 area flat filter plate with filtration areas for the series starting at 36m2.

The quest for a common European standard for labelling meat content

Neil Griffiths reports on the effects of Amendments to the European Labelling Directive which is designed to harmonise meat labelling.

"aGold standard' in drug production is unnecessary, research claims"

Over-engineering in pharmaceutical companies is pushing up the cost of drugs. But these could be lowered, saving as much as £3 million on a £20 million plant.

Setting a standard on induction heating of nanoparticles

The revolution in nanotechnology is mainly a revolution in instrumentation. nB uses the expression Induction nanoHeating (InH) to refer to all of the applications of Induction heating of nanomaterials.

HiTek Power enters market for standard mass spectrometry power supplies

HiTek Power Ltd, a world-leading manufacturer of standard and custom-designed high-voltage power supplies, has used its expertise gained over many years of developing custom supplies, including designs for mass spectrometry applications, to introduce the first of a number of families of standard modules for this market.





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