Temperature-controlled microscopy used to study mineral deposits

The Natural History Museum uses temperature-controlled microscopy to study inclusions in mineral deposits

Focusing on nanopores with PI’s precision positioning stages

Scientists at the University of Cambridge are using Physik Instrumente’s P-517 3-axis precision nanopositioning system to further advance understanding of the action of molecules during transport through membrane nanopores.

Piezo scanning stages for positioning of samples

Scanning and positioning stage provides travel in two or three axes, with position resolution in the nanometre range

Key to early stages of viral infection

Scientists have identified a molecule that defines which cells are destined to become memory T cells just a few days after a viral infection begins.

Gene key in early stages of development

Scientists have identified a gene family that plays a key role in one of the earliest stages of development in which an embryo distinguishes its left side from the right and determines how organs should be positioned within the body.





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