Blood testing functionality for enhanced critical care patient management

Proxima bedside blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite analyser now with Trend Graphs

Bedside blood gas monitoring

Hospital ICU study demonstrates significant reduction in time to blood gas result using Sphere Medical’s Proxima

In-line blood gas monitoring system

System supports critical measurements in an intensive care unit without leaving the patient’s bedside

Patient-dedicated blood gas analysis enhances flu readiness and infection control

In-line Proxima blood gas analyser maintains isolation and reduces blood handling

Point of care connectivity for patient-dedicated blood gas analysis

Ensures the seamless transfer of blood gas and electrolyte test results into laboratory information systems and electronic patient records

Arterial blood gas analyser

Functionality enhancement ensures efficient management of patient data generated by in-line bedside system

Miniature in-line blood gas analyser

The new Proxima in-line patient dedicated blood gas analyser incorporates patient dedicated Proxima Sensor and dedicated bedside monitor





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