Drug discovery techniques focus on speed and cost reduction

Drug discovery relies on a huge range of techniques, from polymerase chain reaction analysis to clinical trial design. Here we highlight the latest innovations designed to cut costs and increase the speed of new drug discovery

Spectral data advances rely on speed and sensitivity

Mass spectrometer manufacturers are focusing on improving software and sensitivity, together with boosting CCD. Sean Ottewell reports

PC 3001 VARIOpro - Improved pumping speed with unique automatic evaporation

Evaporations under vacuum conditions are very demanding of pump performance and vacuum control. VACUUBRAND´s new chemistry pumping unit, the PC 3001 VARIOpro, provides an integrated, user-friendly solution and supersedes its highly regarded, precise and durable predecessor, the PC 3001 VARIO.

High speed evaporator

Genevac Rocket enables rapid concentration or evaporation of up to six 400ml flasks or up to 18 Dionex ASE vials simultaneously

Size and speed key to chromatography and spectroscopy advances

The latest releases in separation technology include a completely new approach to liquids analysis and advanced columns which focus on improving results and laboratory productivity. Sean Ottewell reports

Speed up your chemotaxis research

TTP LabTech combines its renowned microplate cytometer with the BellBrook's iuvo Chemotaxis Assay Plates

New math speed detection of drug-resistant malaria

Researchers developed techniques to quickly identify evolution of drug resistance in strains of malaria. Their goal is to enable the medical community to react quickly to inevitable resistance.

Speed dating for yeast

Yeast cells decide whether to have sex with each other within two minutes of meeting, according to new research. The new insights could be helpful for researchers looking at how cancer cells and stem cells develop.

Mass spectroscopy applications speed up metabolite analysis

The drug discovery process will be more accurate and less expensive, and metabolite analysis much quicker as a result of two novel mass spectrometry applications. Sean Ottewell reports.

Speed and sensitivity key to advanced cell imaging techniques

Novel methods for imaging live cells are focusing heavily on speed and sensitivity as innovation abounds in this fast-moving sector. Sean Ottewell reports.

Electronic data capture and centralised review speed trials

According to two new surveys, use of electronic data capture is increasing during clinical trials, while a centralised review process is speeding up drug development.

Productivity and speed are key to chromatography and spectroscopy

This year's Pittcon exhibition highlights that users are demanding ever more productivity and speed from their chromatography and spectroscopy investments.

Assays speed up identification

QChip has produced a new PCR tool which speeds up bacterial identification based on PCR amplification of the widely used 16S ribosomal RNA gene.

Doubling imaging speed shows rapid wetting

By keeping track of the latest improvements in digital camera technology, KSV Instruments can now offer a substantial increase in imaging speed from 30 to 60 frames per second.

Impingement: freezing technology for speed, safety and quality

Frigoscandia Equipment developed impingement technology for flat products in 1994 as a way of delivering the same speed and quality as cryogenic freezing but at half the cost. By 2001, the technology had already been adopted for more than half the frozen hamburger patties processed in the United States.

Variable speed pumping aids irrigation for soft fruit grower

S & A Produce (UK) Ltd, a major producer of soft fruit under glass, has recently upgraded its pumping equipment for irrigation and overhead moisture. In addition to the new pumps, all the main pumps at the site have now been equipped with a computer-controlled variable speed drive. This much finer control of pumping operations has contributed to higher yields and quality and has eliminated damaging pipe bursts.

Demand for high speed analysis drives clinical lab developments

Every year consulting company Frost & Sullivan (F&S) presents its technology leadership award to the company that has pioneered and steered technological advances in its industry with cutting-edge products and concepts.

Advances in microarray technology speed research

Gene expression, the study of gene activity in cells to understand the genetic causes of disease, is revolutionising drug research and aiding in the treatment of conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Variable speed pumps help cut environmental impact of sweet plant

A new, centralised, hot water circulation system has been installed at the largest Mars confectionery plant for Western Europe. The operating speeds of system's pumps are controlled by pump-mounted, frequency control units, which have provided great benefits in the form of flexibility of use and significant energy savings. By Steve Minett and Keld Fenwick.

Online logistics delivery service helps speed up clinical trials

Sally Bullock reports on an innovative web-based delivery service aimed at speeding up the time-consuming and expensive process of clinical trials.






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