Compact spectrometer launched

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed its smallest grating spectrometer, offering high sensitivity, compact size, light weight and low cost

Advanced spectrometer launched

MR Solutions launches advanced spectrometer for clinical MRI manufacturers

High resolution and sensitivity in one

For demanding applications including fluorescence, Raman, absorption

New ultra-high performance spectrometer

Incorporates enlarged molybdenum mass filter rods of 20mm diameter to give ultra-high mass resolution

Latest spectrometer ideal for tasks with low lighting

QE Pro spectrometer features wide dynamics range and low noise operation

High-speed mini-spectrometer module

High-sensitivity and high-speed mini-spectrometer module from Hammamatsu

Multiple awards for analytical instruments expert

Thermo Fisher Scientific wins three R&D 100 awards for technology innovations

New spectroscopy instrument for high-sensitivity applications

Product launch from Netherlands-headquartered spectroscopy expert

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2013

At the Microscopy & Microanalysis 2013 Meeting, Bruker introduces two new instruments which further expand its portfolio of high-performance tools for materials characterization in electron microscopes.

Ocean Optics launches powerful new spectroscopy software

Ocean Optics has released OceanView spectroscopy software, combining powerful data processing capabilities with a clear graphical user interface for use with the company’s miniature spectrometers.

Ocean Optics introduces handheld Raman spectrometer

Ocean Optics has released the IDRaman mini handheld Raman spectrometer, a small, powerful instrument with exceptional performance for sample authentication and counterfeit detection, identification and verification.

Novel reaction microscope scheme targets biologically relevant molecules

Latest spectrometer design is more sensitive to chemical fragments and can distinguish between isomers with more than one carbon atom

Bruker introduces new Benchtop FT-NMR System

At the American Chemical Society (ACS) Fall Meeting, Bruker announced the FOURIER 60, an entirely new permanent-magnet based, benchtop FT-NMR (Fourier Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectrometer.

Multichannel spectroscopy, for those special occasions

Avantes' miniature spectrometers are well known for their high resolution in a small package. However, sometimes you want a combination of a broad range with a high resolution and that's where the Avantes Multichannel spectrometers come in handy.

Miniature spectrometer module

Incorporates a Hamamatsu High Sensitivity Infrared Enhanced CCD

Atomic absorption spectrometer for deuterium graphite furnace analyses

Developed for a range of analytical applications across environmental, academic, clinical and food safety laboratories

High-resolution mass spectrometer is 'fastest'

Provides access to powerful new workflows for comprehensive exploration, rapid profiling

Optical emission spectrometer offers better detection

Integrated diagnostics facility continuously monitors, archives and displays the operational status

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer integrates standalone lab instruments

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc as added a new and powerful addition to its range of automated optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers.

Ocean Optics Spectrometer Detects Liquid Contraband

The spectrometers have been integrated into demo units of the AY01-01 Rapid Liquid Contraband Detector which uses Raman spectrometry to detect a number of liquid and crystal contraband substances.






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