World's blackest coating material makes its debut in space

Vantablack optimises sensitivity of optical instrumentation in satellite star trackers

Lab discovery gives glimpse of conditions found on other planets

Scientists have recreated an elusive form of the material that makes up much of the giant planets in our solar system

Space saving sample tubes for low temperature storage

Manufactured in solvent resistant polypropylene, Micronic storage products maximises the operational uptime

Space greenhouse set up on International Space Station

Greenhouse project, funded by the European Space Agency, involves astronaut growing Arabidopsis (thale cress) and lettuce seedlings

Radio-TLC scanner for PET and SPECT saves space

Designed so that the detector and collimator are moved rather than the bed itself, so no additional operational space is required

Monitoring Peatland from Earth and Space

The team of scientists used a combination of images captured from Earth and space to measure spatial patterning in peatland surfaces as an indicator of their condition.

Gourmet space dinner on Greenland icecap includes swordfish and duck

French explorers Olivier Pezeron and Arnaud Fauvet enjoyed gourmet space food on their 20-day Greenland expedition this summer.

New freezing equipment saves fish processor space

A Dutch specialist in sole preparation is using advanced freezing technoilogy to significantly expand its freezing capacity ­ and its earnings.

freezing equipment saves space for fish processor

Expansion of freezing capacity is taking sole specialist Neerlandia Urk from 500tonnes per year to 50tonnes per week.





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