Safe evaporative sample preparation

Case study on evaporative sample preparation of high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Precision temperature control

SP Scientific launches a sample cooler that offers temperature control for NMR, EPR and XRD studies

Convenient benchtop tray freeze dryer

Freeze dryer now equipped with Ethernet communication so users can monitor cycles remotely

Extra functionality for freeze dryer

Benchtop freeze dryers now come equipped with a controller that enables application-specific programming

New lyophiliser for R&D or production

Versatile lyophiliser for research, development or small-scale production

Expanding applications for stability chambers

Stability chambers are also used to test packaged food in sealed bags for moisture permeability

Mini freeze dryer mimics performance of larger dryers

The LyoCapsule freeze dryer's small chamber incorporates a cylindrical inner chamber, or ‘capsule,’ to hold the vials

Reducing risk of contamination on the outside of vials

Importance of using external washers to remove particles from the outside of vials

Extracting scents and smell

Evaporator systems are widely used by researchers seeking to safely extract novel fragrance molecules from natural sources

Ultra quiet glassware washers

SP Scientific has introduced a new range of Hotpack Undercounter and Doublestack Glassware Washers

Drug discovery benefits from evaporative crystallisation technology

Using this technology multiple solvents can be screened in parallel to identify optimum crystallisation conditions for amorphous materials

Maximising bulk and flask freeze drying

Horizontal Drum Manifold comes standard with two adjustable unheated trays that provide ample room for bulk samples such as plants, leaf punches, seeds, well plates

Accessory for bulk and flask freeze drying

SP Scientific introduces a versatile new accessory, the Horizontal Drum Manifold

German operations consolidated

Genevac consolidates evaporator and freeze dryer operations In Germany

Effective surface sterilisation of freeze drying equipment

SP Scientific has partnered with Bioquell to produce an off-the-shelf surface sterilisation/decontamination system for SP freeze dryers

Freeze drying monitoring and control

SP Scientific has entered into an exclusive agreement with Physical Sciences Inc (PSI) to distribute the LyoFlux 200 Water Vapor Mass Flow Rate Monitor

Lyophilsation: free educational webinars

Webinars, delivered by industry experts, are devoted to lyophilisation, freeze-drying and related topics

Demonstration lab expands offerings

Scientific expert invests in training and demonstration laboratory facility

Versatile bench-top freeze dryer

New laboratory freeze dryer that combines development and pilot-scale capabilities in one bench-top unit

Training course in preparing stable lyophilized protein formulations

SP Scientific has announced a new hands-on training course entitled 'Rapid and Rational Development of Stable Lyophilized Protein Formulations'.




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