Starter kit for SPE sample preparation

This kit contains everything needed to begin productive SPE sample preparation in a 96 well plate format, including two development filter plates and a popular C18 sorbent filter plate, 2ml collection plates, disposable waste trays and, most importantly, the Microlute Acrylic Vacuum Manifold.

Evaporation without solvent bumping

Available for use with Genevac evaporators - Dri-Pure technology enables scientists to rapidly dry their samples without cross-contamination or loss of sample due to solvent bumping

Solving the solvent mystery for better drug design

Scientists have been able to watch a chemical reaction happening in solution with more detail than ever before

Personal Solvent Evaporator

Genevac Ltd. has announced the launch of a new third-generation version of its popular EZ-2 personal solvent evaporator.

Productive, Sample Safe Solvent Removal

Fast, sample safe evaporative removal of large volumes of solvent is of considerable interest to many environmental analysis, medicinal chemistry, food and natural product laboratories. Traditional techniques used for these applications have many shortfalls.

New Solvent Recycling System

The Thermo Scientific SRS Pro Solvent Recycling System to re-uses valuable solvent in light of the global acetonitrile shortage.

On-line analysis aids solvent recovery in pharmaceuticals

Perhaps the strongest commercial argument for recovering and reusing solvents is the direct cost savings. In some processes, with intensive solvent use, the cost of the solvent can be a significant proportion of the overall product cost.





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