API Holographics enhances its security labels solutions

With 2011 once again highlighting the growing threat of counterfeiters to the international food and beverage industry, API Holographics has further enhanced its already impressive portfolio of security solutions with the upgrading of its selective release label base.

Spectroscopy solutions for advanced metals characterisation

Thermo Fisher Scientific showcases solutions for advanced metals characterisation at CETAS 2011

Developing new solutions for biomarker discovery

QuantiPlasma Array is a monoclonal antibody microarray to assess the level of multiple proteins in human plasma

Novel molecular diagnostics solutions meet demand for fast, accurate testing

The first real-time tests for tuberculosis and drug resistant tuberculosis and a way to measure the viral load or amount of hepatitis B virus in a blood sample are among the advances in molecular diagnostic technology

PCR solutions for rapid detection

Microbial contaminations are predominant problems in the process of food manufacturing. Biotecon Diagnostics offers a complete portfolio of innovative PCR systems for the rapid detection of contaminants.

Vegetable fat solutions

Speciality vegetable fats producer AAK's products are developed and derived from natural and nutritious raw materials such as palm and shea.

Faster food safety productivity solutions

Thermo Electron has announced new environmental and food safety productivity solutions designed to accelerate traditional method validation processes.

Looking at live cells in the laboratory – the image solutions

Formed in 1993 by owner and MD Ian Corless, Image Solutions has carved a niche for itself as a consultancy capable of putting together the type of imaging packages demanded by cutting-edge researchers: particularly those who work with live cells.

Early screening and innovative solutions key to drug development

The vast majority of clinical drug candidates fail during the development stage because of poor absorption, distribution, metabolism or toxicity (ADME/Tox) problems. However, new screening techniques will help to reduce attrition rates. Sean Ottewell reports.

Standardisation is the key to developing future solutions

The pharmaceutical industry is a very different animal compared with other industries, particularly when it comes to laboratory testing. In the case of chemical manufacturing, for example, each batch of product undergoes quality control testing and a record of these results has to be kept for a short time.

Standardised solutions are key to dna microarray growth

Compared with the total research products market, the DNA microarray market continues to experience robust growth world wide, says new analysis by Frost & Sullivan.

Spectrometer solutions

Carl Zeiss has two new solutions available which will make the use of its MCS500 and Corona diode array spectrometer series in the brewing and beverage industries.

"Digital automation for powerful, cost-effective production solutions"

When an Italian manufacturer of anti cancer compounds chose to update its automation systems, it turned to a supplier with a long track record of meeting FDA regulations. The result is a powerful, cost-effective solution.

Fluid Handling solutions with laboratory pumps

Generally speaking all media/reagents entering/leaving a bioreactor must be sterile. This usually is achieved by autoclaving the liquid itself plus all the contact surfaces between the feed reservoir and the reactor.

Driers provide energy efficient solutions

Removing excess moisture in food processing and storage improves productivity, hygiene and prevents clogging of powders so reducing the rate of perish.

Analytical solutions for bioproduct characterisation problems

The structural characterisation of biotechnology products presents a challenge for modern analytical techniques. In contrast to small molecule drugs, biopharmaceuticals can be extremely large, complex entities, often comprising of multiple disulphide-bridged proteins or glycoproteins.In particular, these products demand the use of methods capable of determining the primary structure of a recombinant or engineered molecule and of detecting and assigning post-translational modifications and microheterogeneities. By Dr Fiona M Greer.

Clear sample solutions in analysis of fruit and vegetable juice

Dr Achim Gessler looks at the problems associated with control and monitoring during the process analysis of fruit and vegetable juices.

drug discovery: a range of solutions

Pharmaceutical companies are currently facing the challenge of significantly increasing the number of NCEs to sustain profitability and investor confidence. This directly impacts on HTS, as this process is at the centre of lead discovery in most major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Tecan solutions for genomics and drug discovery

Tecan, one of the leaders in laboratory automation solutions, has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your needs. Its wide product range includes touchscreen-operated microplate readers, multi-label readers, washers and pipetting instruments. Tecan products are user-friendly, flexible and fully modular, so you can start with a small system, then expand and upgrade it as and when you need to. Tecan will customise workstations and complex integrated multi-robot systems to your exact requirements for genomics, drug discovery and other fields.

Peak Scientific offer solutions to the world Helium shortage

Recent international studies have confirmed that the world will run out of helium gas in 25 years if current usage remains unchecked. As well as concerns for the future the gases scarcity has seen its price rise by 70% in recent years.






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