Integration of technology and software improves drug prospects

Scientific computing specialists at Genedata and ChemAxon have successfully integrated the chemical intelligence functionality of MarvinView with Hit Profiler, Genedata’s newly-released software solution for the prioritisation of hits to leads.

Application software for LC/MS portfolio

Agilent Technologies has introduced new application software for its 6000 Series portfolio of liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometer (LC/MS) systems.

Use of electronic submission software increasing, survey says

This is the third year of the Liquent Regulatory Affairs Trends Survey, conducted by Thomson Scientific. Here Jim Nichols highlights the survey’s key findings into how life science companies are using technology today and what their plans are for the future.

Use of electronic submissions software to continue growing

According to a new survey of life sciences regulatory and technology professionals, an overwhelming majority (87 per cent) of respondents see their organisation's use of electronic submissions software increasing, with nearly one-third saying that they believe they will move to a complete electronic submissions system within one to two years.

Governments hold key to growth of lab software and systems

It's all change in the European laboratory software and systems market as connectivity becomes the watchword. However, market growth is threatened by tight health budgets. Sean Ottewell reports.

Improved spectroscopy software

Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd launches new, enhanced customer-driven software, Smart Sound for its range of High-Resolution Ultrasonic Spectrometers (HR-US).

Scanning software helps highlight new potential for existing drugs

With thousands of journals and millions of different papers published every year, it is no surprise that researchers and their assistants spend as much time in their libraries as in their laboratories.

Software tools increasingly used in designing food processing products

As consumer fashion today demands ever more new food products, software will play a greater part in food design. Eric Russell reports on the increasing use of computer aided design and finite element analysis.

Sixth version of titration software

TiNET is the sixth version of titration software available for chemical analysts involved with the pharmaceutical industry.

Special titration PC software released to comply with FDA requirements

The need for pharmaceutical laboratories to comply with Title21 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part11 is an increasingly important issue. It generates many requests for a21CFRPart11 compliant' software, despite the fact it is the laboratory that has to be in compliance with the regulations, rather than the software.


The latest version Soft Imaging System's image analysing software ­ analySIS 3.1 ­ is now available.

HPLC modelling software

Dr Hans-Jürgen Rieger outlines the benefits of the latest high-performance liquid chromatography modelling software

Agilent technologies launches new software for gel permeation chromatography

Agilent Technologies has announced the launch of the new Agilent GPC/SEC software for gel permeation/size exclusion chromatography with improved measurement and reporting capabilities for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Enhancing tomato analyser software

A remarkable tool allows scanning devices to be calibrated using colour standards. The objective of the research was to implement a new digital image analysis tool.

Software processes mountains of genome data

New software is one of a new breed of computer programs able to accurately process the mountains of genome data flowing from the latest generation of gene decoding machines






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