Latest version of pathology lab software launched

Technidata has launched version 13.41 of its TDHistoCyto software solution for anatomic pathology laboratories. This version has a new interface and additional functionality that allows laboratories to benefit from real paperless processing

Major new feature added to biobanking software product

Technidata launches new feature within its TDBioBank software solution. The goal is to make it easier for researchers to access biological specimens

Bioreactor control system

AFC 928 makes use of micro-pumps that provide precise control down to 0.05 ml/hr, allowing users to incorporate syringe pump level feed rates into their control strategies without risk of contamination

Victrix CMCC chooses Cresset’s software for drug discovery consulting projects

Under a new agreement, Victrix CMCC will use Cresset’s software for their computational chemistry consulting projects.

Smart & compact programmable peristaltic pump

The DOSE IT peristaltic pump from INTEGRA makes dispensing easy. With different application methods and different tubing, the DOSE IT can be set up to accurately and rapidly dispense into almost any labware.

Live cell imaging software

Provides flexible, automated methods of maintaining and analysing stem cells

TraceFinder routine quantitative LC-MS software

Compatible with all Thermo Scientific quantitative mass spectrometry platforms and the Transcend system

Cytogenetics software solution for researchers

Analytical tool gives researchers the ability to streamline their analysis by querying the in-house CytoGenomic database and external databases

Software for multicapillary gel electrophoresis systems

QIAGEN’s ScreenGel software enables the convenient DNA fragment and RNA analysis with the QIAxcel multicapillary gel electrophoresis systems

Software supports commercial contract laboratories

Enables fast and accurate production of invoices thereby allowing contract laboratories to optimise their cash flow

Software for simplified bioanalytical workflows

Integration of LIMS and instrument control software coupled with the Thermo Scientific TSQ series LC-MS/MS system

New multilingual microplate photometer software

Version 3.0 of the SkanIt Software incorporates the parallel line analysis function in compliance with European Union regulatory guidelines for testing the efficacy of pharmaceutical compounds.

Grant ensures a sustainable future for software

A sustained future for this valuable resource has now been assured thanks to a multi-million pound grant from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, which will establish the UK's Software Sustainability Institute.

Sound-mapping software

Innovative sound-mapping software based on human hearing has been developed to help architects design out unwanted noise. The new software generates audibility maps of proposed room designs.

Versatile mass spectrometry software solution

Research and production in an industrial chemistry environment often have quite different requirements regarding mass spectrometry.

Magnetic particle processor software

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced the new Thermo Scientific BindIt 3.1 software for use with all Thermo Scientific KingFisher magnetic particle processor instruments.

Quantum computers require complex software

Theorists have shown that a type of software operation, proposed as a solution to fundamental problems with the computers' hardware, will not function as some designers had hoped.

Software automates creation of risk assessment reports

A new software tool has been developed that automates the creation of Risk Assessments and also greatly eases the burden of keeping them up to date. Clive Collier reports.

Lowering IT costs by deploying desktop LIMS software via the web

Seamus Mac Conaonaigh highlights how web solutions are exerting an increasing influence on laboratory information management systems and strategies.






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