Smart cancer diagnostics

Test now enables respective mutations to be identified in routine laboratory operations

Smart device GPS technology helps predict infection spread

Specialists using 'geo' information to record the nature and frequency of interactions to understand how infections spread

Bee venom forms cancer-killing smart bomb

A toxic protein in bee venom, when altered, significantly improves the effectiveness liposome-encapsulated drugs or dyes, such as those already used to treat or diagnose cancer.

New 'smart' roof reads the thermometer

Scientists today reported the development of a "smart" roof coating, made from waste cooking oil from fast food restaurants, that can "read" a thermometer.

Smart wind turbines can predict the wind

Risø DTU has recently completed the world's first successful test on a wind turbine with a laser-based anemometer built into the spinner in order to increase electricity generation.

Smart nanocapsule delivery system

Scientists have developed a new intracellular delivery platform that uses nanocapsules that can be engineered to either degrade or remain stable based on the cellular environment.

Next Generation Smart Camera Technology

Easy to use and inexpensive, DALSA's new BOA leverages the full breadth and depth of DALSA's design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise including sensor, camera, image-processing and vision software development to deliver the next generation in smart camera technology.

DNA origami puts a smart lid on solid-state nanopore sensors

The latest advance in solid-state nanopore sensors - devices that are made with standard tools of the semiconductor industry yet can offer single-molecule sensitivity for label-free protein screening - expands their bag of tricks through bionanotechnology. Researchers have enhanced the capabilities of solid-state nanopores by fitting them with cover plates made of DNA.





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