Fast grinding with maximum safety

Fritsch Planetary Mills premium line – for grinding down to the nanometre range

Colony counting and zone sizing

Synbiosis' ProtoCOL automated zone sizing and colony counting system is being used at Saudi Arabia’s leading pharmaceutical company, Jamjoom Pharma, to rapidly and accurately assess the quality of its antibiotic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products

Validating laser diffraction particle sizing methods to maintain integrity

When undertaking particle size measurements it is important to validate the analysis method to ascertain both its robustness and integrity. Steve Ward-Smith and Alan Rawle review the steps that should be taken when validating laser diffraction methods for particle size analysis.

Nucleic acid separation system gives precision fragment sizing

A bioanalyser used in conjuction with a kit to size DNA fragments generated by restriction enzyme digestion can overcome limitations of slab gel electrophoresis. Odilo Mueller reports.





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