Pittcon preview

Pittcon 2016 will take place between March 6–10 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

UK-Russia partnership to develop new Photonics Research Centre

A photonics research centre developing the latest in laser and photonic technologies is set to be established through a new UK and Russia university partnership.

High performance bespoke & off-the-shelf lenses

Resolve Optics has announced that its stand at the forthcoming PHOTONEX exhibiton (16-17th October 2013) will feature the company’s renowned OEM specialist lens design service as well as a growing range of off-the-shelf lenses.

SAW Instruments enhances protein interaction analysis with the sam®X acoustic biosensor

SAW Instruments, developer of the innovative sam® family of biosensors for real-time, label-free biomolecular interaction assays, is continuing to advance acoustic wave biosensor technology with the sam®X platform.

Successful automation projects rely on a blend of youth and experience

Over the last three years, a team of engineers and apprentices at Schaeffler UK’s manufacturing plant in Llanelli, South Wales, has successfully implemented a range of new automation systems across the plant.

Wireless automated monitoring for food manufacturers

Internet of Things sensors increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure food hygiene standards are continually met

On a different wavelength: scientists set out to create ‘superspectral’ camera

A team of engineers is setting out to create the world’s first camera sensor capable of ‘seeing’ across a wide range of wavelengths.

Image sensors for foreign object inspection

Hamamatsu back-illuminated InGaAs linear image sensors for food inspection

Pressure sensors operate with food-grade oils

The historical problems associated with silicon oil-filled pressure sensors are well documented. However recent advances in sensor design have led to improved versions that overcome many of these disadvantages

Wireless nano sensors

Could inexpensive wireless sensors based on nanotechnology be used to alert engineers to problematic cracks and damage to buildings, bridges, and other structures before they become critical?

Improved nanogenerators to power sensors

By combining a new generation of piezoelectric nanogenerators with two types of nanowire sensors, researchers have created what are believed to be the first self-powered nanometre-scale sensing devices that draw power from the conversion of mechanical energy.

Packaging: ColorMax Color Sensors from EMX, Industries

Verify the presence of targets that can be differentiated by color, faster and with greater control. A ColorMax-1000 colour sensor lets your machine see up to 15 colors and RGB intensity.

Nano-mechanical sensors wired by photonics

Researchers have demonstrated silicon-based nanocantilevers, smaller than the wavelength of light, that operate on photonic principles eliminating the need for electric transducers and expensive laser setups.

Stainless proximity sensors handle caustic washdowns in meat processing

Sick is introducing the Inox series stainless steel proximity sensors, specifically designed for meat processing, beverage and pharmaceutical applications where high-pressure, caustic washdowns are the norm.

Universal titrator with intelligent sensors and advanced liquid handling

Thanks to the most advanced electronics Metrohm has been able to reduce the measuring amplifier to the size of a postage stamp. This means that the complete measuring amplifier fits in the electrode cable head.

Sensors sealed to IP67

Banner Engineering is introducing its World-Beam Q12 series ultra-miniature photoelectric sensors.





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