A new cyan fluorescent protein will make cellular imaging more sensitive

Scientists have designed a molecule which emits turquoise light more efficiently than seen before in living cells. This improves the sensitivity of imaging of biological processes inside a living cell.

Sensitive and specific Chromatin Immunoprecipitation assay kit

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation is the key experimental technique used to investigate the interaction between proteins and DNA in the cell

Sensitive assay for detecting DNA methylation

A study published in this week's online issue of Nature Biotechnology, demonstrates a unique and highly sensitive method for detecting methylation-associated cancers.

Lab Equipment: New High Sensitive Troponin T assay

Elecsys Troponin T high sensitive assay from Roche Diagnostics allows laboratories to consolidate cardiac assays on a single integrated chemistry and immunoassay platform.

Light Sensitive Sample Storage Lab Equipment

Micronic have announced a new datasheet that details their range of black tubes and capping products designed to ensure the integrity of light sensitive samples, even over long-term storage periods.

Sensitive kits for proteoglycan research

amsbio, specialists in high purity reagents for glycobiology and glycoanalysis, has announced a number of new and unique kits for proteoglycan research.

Fast, sensitive ricin detection

Scientists have developed a simple, accurate, and highly sensitive test to detect and quantify ricin, an extremely potent toxin with potential use as a bioterrorism agent.

Sensitive drug discovery

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) technologies are evolving as critical automated tools in drug discovery because it is non-invasive, reproducible and sensitive.

Scientists annouce world's most sensitive cancer test

Speaking at the Institute of Physics conference Physics 2005 in the UK recently today, scientists revealled a new test for cancer, more sensitive than any existing technique and capable of predicting for the first time whether a tumour has spread.

ICP-OES allows for sensitive analysis of organic samples

Dirk Ardelt, George Glavin, Sergej Leikin and Henk Visser look at the use of inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy and the potential difficulties in its use in analysing organic samples.

Protecting light sensitive samples from degradation

To protect light sensitive samples, Porvair Sciences offers a selection of high quality, black microplates and seals that eliminate sample degradation, even over long storage periods.





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