iPhone App to simplify GC Column selection

Helps GC chromatographers select the Thermo Scientific GC column for either existing or regulated methods based on their current configuration

Mechanism for mate selection

Researchers have discovered a molecular switch that becomes activated in response to a potential mate's signal. Simply put, an organism knows that a potential mate is close-by and healthy enough to mate.

Ecological speciation by sexual selection

New research finds sexual selection to greatly enlarge the scope for adaptive speciation by triggering a positive feedback between mate choice and ecological diversification that can eventually eliminate gene flow between species.

How genetics influences mate selection

People with diverse MHCs were more likely to choose each other as mates than those whose MHCs were similar, and that this was likely to be an evolutionary strategy to ensure healthy reproduction.

Ball screw selection for medical and laboratory applications

Tarek Bugaighis takes a brief look at ball screw basics when used in a laboratory applications then examines ball screw options and some recent developments.

New technologies drive cell identification and selection

Technologies for cell biology are bringing new efficiencies to the process of biotherapeutic discovery and Genetix platforms are playing key roles.

Step-by-step selection of cleanroom disinfectants

Within a critical environment, cleanliness is of utmost importance and nowhere is more critical than an area where intravenous drugs are prepared or developed. Karen Rossington reports.

New electronic micropipettes with easy mode selection

New microprocessor-controlled pipettes from Socorex include four Acura electro micro-models, two macropipettes and six instruments with 8-and12-channel.

"Focus on food poisoning, seed selection, diet and productivity"

In the UK, scientists are using the beneficial bacteria known as probiotics to destroy food poisoning bacteria in poultry before it enters the food chain.

Successful outsourcing depends on careful selection of target markets

A new report suggests that the successful CROs of tomorrow willbe those that concentrate on the market areas that are witnessing cutting-edge research, focus on high growth categories such as mid-size pharma companies, and which strengthen client relationships through continuous improvement programmes.

Sourness models used in the selection and use of acidulants

It is possible to reduce the time required for selection and level adjustment of acidulants and buffer salts by using mathematical models of sourness. These models are useful during initial product design. Their use can reduce the amount of benchwork required for prototype development. Daniel R Sortwell reports.

Darwinian selection continues to influence human evolution

New evidence proves humans are continuing to evolve and that significant natural and sexual selection is still taking place in our species in the modern world. Despite advancements in medicine and technology, as well as an increased prevalence of monogamy, research reveals humans are continuing to evolve just like other species.





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