Porvair Sciences announces 2012 microplate catalogue

Many scientists around the world have come to rely upon the Porvair Sciences Catalogue as a primary source of information that enables them to choose the optimum microplate or tissue culture consumable for their application.

Physics and the life sciences

Many of the greatest inventions in modern medicine were developed by physicists who imported technologies such as X rays, nuclear magnetic resonance, ultrasound, particle accelerators and radioisotope tagging and detection techniques into the medical domain.

Indiana: standing at the crossroads of the US life sciences industry

European life sciences companies looking to set up operations in the American market need look no farther than the state of Indiana. That is because Indiana offers companies the competitive edge they need in today's economy ­ access to people, partners and markets. Jeff Harris and Wade Lange report.

Life sciences trigger developments in physical measurement techniques

In 2000 we are turning from the century of physics to the century of biology. Transgenetic food, genetic diagnostics and pharmaceuticals in medicine ­ biology and biochemistry weekly confront us with new findings giving rise to new opportunities. By Dr Heidrun Tippe.





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