Environmental sampling: evaluating future

The importance of environmental monitoring and evaluation with food production environments

Highly stable air sampling lab equipment

Manufactured from stainless steel, the SAS stand is quickly and easily attached to any portable SAS sampler.

Online bioreactor sampling

YSI Life Sciences and Groton Biosystems have collaborated to produce the 2700 ARS and 7100 ARS automated online biochemistry analysers, available in the UK from Analytical Technologies.

Speed and point of sampling are the drivers for measurement science

Increasing the speed of sample throughput and the desire to conduct analysis at the point of sampling ­ be it in the field, factory or surgery ­ are two of the major trends driving measurement science today. Helen Parkes and Derek Craston report.

On-line preparation techniques for plasma and in vitro sampling

The development of, and the need for, faster drug discovery techniques in a highly competitive pharmaceutical industry has resulted in ever increasing numbers of pre-clinical biological samples to be analysed. By Dr Denise Wailwroth.





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