US-made microplate

Porvair Sciences has launched a US-manufactured sample storage microplate, made from ultra-pure grade polypropylene

Recapping large format sample storage tubes effectively

Address the need of research laboratories for solution to recap sample storage tubes securely and uniformly, ensuring an optimal sealing performance

Ultra-clean 384-well plates for sample storage

Solution for sample storage and assay set-up, allowing dilutions and aliquots to be simply handled, stored, or transported

Screw cap tube recapper accelerates sample storage process

The decapper offers users the ability to cap, decap or recap 96 tubes with Screw Caps in a single action

Traceable sample storage

Ultra-pure polypropylene ensures that the storage tubes are compliant with USP Class 6 and European Pharmacopeia tests

Lightweight modular chest freezer rack

The lightweight modular storage system fits into all chest freezers and is fully compatible with all ANSI/SLAS standard footprint storage racks





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