Microplate products for drug discovery

Automation-friendly system offers the versatility to be able to productively remove solvent from a wide range of sample formats

Food microbiology sample preparation

Stomacher 400 EVO ensures the quiet operation and enables easy one-touch loading for sample bags

Focused ion beam scanning electron microscopes

Zeiss Crossbeam 550 features a significant increase in resolution for imaging and material characterisation and a speed gain in sample preparation

Accelerating sample preparation for determination of water toxins

Preparation method helps simplify and accelerate the detection and quantitation of algal toxins in surface water

Laboratory blender for food microbiology testing

Seward introduces major new food sample preparation products

Microplate for genomics sample preparation

Withstands demanding applications using steel ball bearings in the wells shaken at up to 1500rpm used to homogenise seeds, leaves or tissue ready for DNA extraction

Preparation of faecal samples

Seward Stomacher enables clean and odour free sample preparation for faecal transplants

Sample preparation for LC/MS

Nitrogen blowdown evaporators can assist by evaporating solvent to increase concentration thereby increasing sensitivity

Sample preparation in clean rooms

Quality and process assurance of clean room concepts with the use of the Pulverisette 23

Protein precipitation sample preparation kit

Comprising five colour coded Porvair P3 protein precipitation plates and five 1ml deep well collection plates, the Combipack contains all the elements required to accelerate the traditionally troublesome procedure

Evaporator removes corrosive vapours

HT-4X centrifugal evaporator from Genevac provides optimised sample preparation capabilities for scientists working in the drug discovery environment





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