Assessing health impact of salt reduction

Study has demonstrated that small actions, such as reducing salt in soup, as part of a broader initiative of salt reduction, can make a difference in human health

Low-sodium, MSG-free salt ingredient

Boosts flavour and saltiness in sauces with umami-essence sea salt

Fruit and vegetable essence-colored low-sodium salt designed for kids

Salt of the Earth launches low sodium sea salt supplemented with fruit and vegetable essences at Anuga, 5-9th October 2013, Cologne, Germany, Hall 2.1, Stand C28/D25. WonderSalt helps facilitate the new, lower sodium intake targets for children.

Eminate awarded US patent for University of Nottingham salt reduction product

Eminate, a wholly owned subsidiary of The University of Nottingham, has secured a patent in the USA for the salt-reduction product SODA-LO Salt Microspheres.

Revolutionary “Salt Roasting” for convenient home cooking

Salt of the Earth reveals a chef’s cooking secret designed to enable consumers to easily enhance meat, poultry and fish recipes. Salt of the Earth will present the new line at Anuga, 5-9th October 2013, Germany.

University of Nottingham wins national Impact Award for commercialising a unique low salt technology

The University of Nottingham has won a prestigious national prize for the economic and societal impact it has achieved by commercialising a new low salt technology — SODA-LO Salt Microspheres™

New formulation to reduce salt and enhance flavour in soups

LycoRed, Israel, has adapted its natural enhancer, SANTE, for boosting flavour in powdered and canned soups. The adaptation follows extensive tests in lab applications. Soup makers can now eliminate the use of MSG and similar less-desirable ingredients with LycoRed’s SANTE, thereby include reducing salt in their products.

Confirming of illicit drugs and their salt forms

Technique enables drug salt forms to be precisely identified and confirmed by two independent parameters

Study prompts calls for Europe-wide salt legislation

A researcher said the annual health cost savings outlined in the study would be likely to prove a persuasive argument for both the EU and individual European governments.

Tough to shake the salt habit

Canadians know that too much salt isn't good for their diets, but half still continue to shake it on, according to a new study by University of Alberta researchers.

High salt intake dangers

High salt intake is associated with significantly greater risk of both stroke and cardiovascular disease, concludes a study.

Salt substitute watches the weight and cuts wastage

Klinge Chemicals has reduced product giveaway by an estimated 70 pallets of LoSalt a year with the recent installation of an Avery Weigh-Tronix in-line checkweigher and average weight monitoring software. LoSalt is a popular low sodium salt substitute.

Salt as antidepressant explored

Most people consume far too much salt, and a University of Iowa researcher has discovered one potential reason we crave it: it might put us in a better mood.





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