Keep children safe around medicine

Every week, 500 children under the age of five are rushed to hospital due to swallowing something potentially poisonous. Darren Pittock examines some steps that can be taken to keep children safe around medication

FDA food contact approval for oil and grease resistant additive

PFOA-free additive provides high levels of oil, grease and water resistance to paper and board

Allergen test kit for gluten residue

New addition to food safety testing products range from Hygiena

Advances in food testing

Laurence Castle reflects on the recent advances in food science and food testing analytical capabilities

Health scares and regulations drive analysis developments

Public health scares and tougher regulation are, as Sean Ottewell finds out, helping to boost spending in the food and drink laboratory science sector

Lab Solutions Virtual Conference

Merck Millipore has announced the first Lab Solutions Virtual Conference on November 19 and 20, 2013. The conference theme, “Food Safety Analysis,” will bring industry experts from around the world to discuss different aspects of this increasingly important topic.

Highly affordable lab safety shield

Asynt's Lab Safety Shield has been designed to neatly fit around popular brands of stirrer hotplate to provide protection for chemists from draughts, splashes, aerosols and spills.

Lab Innovations adds major names to exhibitor line-up

UK’s only event dedicated to laboratory professionals, which takes place at Birmingham’s NEC on 2 & 3 November 2016

Revolutionary new laboratory bottle system

The DURAN Group has launched a revolutionary new Laboratory Bottle System called YOUTILITY. The YOUTILITY bottle system addresses the critical issues of safe handling and bottle identification.

The careful disposal of chemicals

The disposal of waste chemicals is subject to stringent regulations and needs careful consideration. Chris Ricketts, an expert in drainage, discusses the unique solutions that these specialist environments demand

EU urged to increase investment in human-relevant testing tools for chemicals, cosmetics, medicines

Consortium including Dow, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, animal NGOs and academia issue statement

Veterinary residue testing in meat controversy

The potential human health risks highlight the importance of complete food safety testing before a food product reaches the public. Nicola Kane reports

Food scares prompt analysis advances

Recent food scares are increasing demands on vendors for fast, efficient solutions to identify and deal with potential problems. Sean Ottewell reports

Firefly technology sheds light on food safety

Food contamination can now be detected easily by a new device based on the chemical which lights up fireflies.

New heating mantles offer enhanced safety and durability

Stuart’s HM series of controlled heating mantles have been completely redesigned. The new units are now constructed with a tough, lightweight aluminium casing, rather than plastic.

Undergrad hotplate stirrers put safety first

Features include power-independent hot warning light, LED indicator of hotplate surface temperature

Ensuring food safety with rapid contaminant analysis

CVUA-MEL aims to ensure food safety through vigorous scrutiny of potentially hazardous residues and contaminants

Safety first with compact shield for stirrer hotplates

Offers additional protection for chemists in the event of a tube or cap failure under pressure

Early evaluation of safety of drugs

CIT launches LeadScreen, a new range of fast, cost-effective services for drug candidate selection

Phase 1 exposure escalation safety study with PMX-30063 antibiotic

In vitro study with PMX-30063 shows activity against NDM-1 drug-resistant bacteria






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