Sentinel node biopsy safe, effective in head and neck melanomas

U-M study refutes controversy about technique in delicate head, neck region

Food safe detectable/x-ray visible plastic

Plastic has the combined characteristics of being 'magnetically detectable' with the additional benefit of being 'x-ray visible'

Filters for safe liquid filtration of injectable drug products

Filters have been tested for and meet United States Pharmacopeia 788 as well as Federal Drug Administration Title 21, Section 211.72 regulation

Intrinsically safe flame sterilisation

Flame sterilisation is a routine task carried out in many microbiological, clinical and life science laboratories

Safe alternative to sulfur dioxide

Researchers have developed and tested an effective new technique that combines hot water treatment, rachis removal, and modified atmosphere packaging to extend the shelf life of table grapes.

Sample Safe Concentration of Extracted Samples

SP Scientific has chosen Pittcon 2010 for the global launch of its new company name at well as exhibiting a range of exciting new innovations for its Rocket Evaporator.

Community hospitals offer a safe surgical option

Low-risk patients who require certain cancer surgeries can have the procedures performed with low operative mortality rates at community hospitals, according to a new study.

Scorpion Provides a Safe Pesticide

Some of the toxins in a scorpion's poison damages only insects, which is why a Tel Aviv University researcher is harnessing them to create a safe and ecologically sound pesticide.

Safe alternative for labelling grapefruit

Laser labelling of fruit and vegetables is a new, patented technology in which a low-energy carbon dioxide laser beam is used to etch information on produce, thereby eliminating the need for common sticker-type labels.

Productive, Sample Safe Solvent Removal

Fast, sample safe evaporative removal of large volumes of solvent is of considerable interest to many environmental analysis, medicinal chemistry, food and natural product laboratories. Traditional techniques used for these applications have many shortfalls.

GMO potato deemed safe by EU agency

German chemical maker BASF said on Thursday its genetically modified potato, Amflora, designed to yield industrial starch, has again been described as safe for human consumption.

Safe technique against HIV

Cell-delivered gene transfer has the potential to reduce viral load, preserve the immune system and avoid lifelong antiretroviral therapy. Scientist Live spoke with the study's lead researcher.

Research finds Kava safe and effective

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have found a traditional extract of Kava, a medicinal plant from the South Pacific, to be safe and effective in reducing anxiety.

Keeping food fresh and safe

There is an increasing demand from the consumer for fresher, more natural and less processed foods and yet at the same time there is an increased expectation that food that is produced by a manufacturer is safe.

Safe exercise for migraine sufferers

Researchers have now developed an exercise programme that can improve fitness among migraine sufferers without aggravating migraine sufferers' conditions.

Creating safe embryonic-like stem cells

A team of UCSF researchers has for the first time used tiny molecules called microRNAs to help turn adult mouse cells back to their embryonic state.

Nanotechnology: ensuring ideas result in safe food products

With nanotechnology, the scientific world is delving even deeper into us as well as into the environment around us. This calls for new expertise and instrumentation capable of working on samples many times smaller than before.

A user friendly and safe way to dispose biohazard waste

INTEGRA Biosciences has developed the Vacusafe comfort to offer an affordable and clean solution for the safe disposalof biological waste.

hygienic containers for safe transport

Your aseptic production line is 100per cent safe and reliable but what about your packaging? Container users should be able to rely on the reliability of packaging used to transport their goods.

safe weighing environment

Weighing hazardous or potent substances within conventional fume cupboards is problematic.

The design of standard cabinets creates a roll in the airflow, which disrupts the operation of sensitive analytical balances.






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