Healthy diet plays vital role in living with HIV

Antiretrovirals and good nutrition are partners in helping people to feel better and manage their disease

Pain, dry mouth play role in sleep quality

Head and neck cancer patients who reported poor sleep quality one year after diagnosis had more symptoms of chronic pain and complaints of dry mouth related to radiation treatments, according to a recent study.

Water's role in blood pressure control

Name a drink that can make you more alert for late-night studying, prevent you from fainting after giving blood, and even promote a teensy bit of weight loss.

The key role of subpolar regions

An international team of researchers has published the first registers of the evolution of Northern Pacific and Southern Atlantic sea-surface temperatures, dating from the Pliocene Era to the present.

Protein's role in cell division

A Florida State University researcher has identified the important role that a key protein plays in cell division, and that discovery could lead to a greater understanding of stem cells.

Ageing gene plays role in stem cell differentiation

A gene shown to play a role in the ageing process appears to play a role in the regulation of the differentiation of embryonic stem cells, according to researchers.

Plankton plays role in ocean carbon fixation

Carbon fixation by phytoplankton in the open ocean plays a key role in the global carbon cycle but is not fully understood.

Vital role for bacteria in climate-change

Scientists reveal the identity of some crucial players in the gas cycle; isoprene-degrading bacteria that are able to intercept the release of isoprene into the atmosphere.

New understanding of protein's role in brain

A team of researchers has discovered that brains in mammals modify a particular protein in a unique way, which alters the protein's normal function.

Role of protein pair in obesity regulation

New research by scientists implicates a new protein in obesity development and highlights a protein pair's "team effort" in regulating obesity and insulin resistance.

Sugar plays key role in cell division

Using an elaborate sleuthing system they developed to probe how cells manage their own division, scientists have discovered that common but hard-to-see sugar switches are partly in control.

Magnetism's role in superconductors

Neutron scattering experiments give strong evidence that, if superconductivity is related to a material's magnetic properties, the same mechanisms are behind copper-based high-temperature superconductors and the newly discovered iron-based superconductors.

Stress peptide and receptor may have role in diabetes

Researchers have found that corticotropin-releasing factor also plays a part in the pancreas, where it increases insulin secretion and promotes the division of the insulin-producing beta cells.

Affecting role of gene flow between weeds

Researchers explored the role of gene flow between cultivated sorghum and its weedy relatives in a village in northern Cameroon. Sorghum is a staple food crop that is essential to food security in semi-arid regions of Asia and Africa.

Cancer-causing role for protein

The mainstay immune system protein TRAF6 plays an unexpected, key role activating a cell signaling molecule that in mutant form is associated with cancer growth.

Cell cultures: Reprogrammed role for the androgen receptor

The shift from androgen-dependent to androgen-independent cell growth occurs, in part, because the androgen receptor switches on an entirely different set of genes in the latter group than in the former.

Medical news: Molecule plays early role In non-smoking lung cancer

The cause of lung cancer in never-smokers is poorly understood, but a study has identified a molecule believed to play an early and important role in its development.

The role of genetic factors in adult ADHD

A scientist will explain how the findings of IMpACT may help to define targets for the development of new and more effective treatments for ADHD, and also contribute to early disease prevention.

Genetics: Role for parasites in evolution of sex

What's so great about sex? From an evolutionary perspective, the answer is not as obvious as one might think. Sex may have evolved in part as a defence against parasites.

Defeating nicotine's double role in pharmacology finding

A lung cancer treatment that inhibits nicotine receptors was shown to double survival time in mice, according to Italian researchers.






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