High yield RNA isolation without the paraffin removal step

AMSBIO offers a range of kits and reagents for the extraction (isolation) of high quality RNA from FFPE tissues and LCM samples that can be used not only for PCR but also microarray applications.

Advanced imaging systems follow fluorescent RNA movement in living cells

Three DeltaVision Core systems and an OMX 'super resolution' instrument to study how RNA behaves in real time

Hitting moving RNA drug targets

RNA now is understood to perform a number of other vital roles in the cell

Rapid delivery of DNA and RNA oligos

Integrated DNA Technologies offers a comprehensive oligo manufacturing service with rapid turnaround times

Proof in humans of RNA interference

Researchers and clinicians have published the first proof that a targeted nanoparticle-used as an experimental therapeutic and can turn off an important cancer gene using a mechanism known as RNA interference.

RNA molecule with big implications for life's origins

An extremely small RNA molecule created a team of researchers can catalyse a key reaction needed to synthesise proteins, the building blocks of life.

Rules governing RNA anatomy revealed

Researchers have discovered the rules that dictate the three-dimensional shapes of RNA molecules, rules that are based not on complex chemical interactions but simply on geometry.

New RNA interference technique

Researchers report that they have successfully used RNA interference to turn off multiple genes in the livers of mice, an advance that could lead to new treatments for diseases of the liver and other organs.

Generating RNA molecules in water

Researchers in Italy have reconstructed one of the earliest evolutionary steps yet: generating long chains of RNA from individual subunits using nothing but warm water.

RNA interference found in budding yeasts

Some budding yeast species have the ability to silence genes using RNA interference. Until now, most researchers thought that no budding yeasts possess the RNAi pathway because Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the protoypical model budding yeast does not.

Improved extraction of high quality RNA

amsbio has announced a new kit for the extraction of high quality RNA from FFPE tissues that can be applied not only to PCR but also microarray applications.

New tool isolates RNA within specific cells

Biologists have created a way to isolate RNA from specific cells, opening a new window on how gene expression drives normal development and disease-causing breakdowns.

RNA surprise with microbial ocean catch

An ingenious new method of obtaining marine microbe samples while preserving the microbes' natural gene expression has yielded an unexpected boon: the presence of many varieties of small RNAs.

Snippet of RNA makes people similar

Researchers found that a microRNA called miR-7 is critical to the robustness of the molecular network that helps regulate uniformity.

RNA pathways protect germ line

Cells of higher organisms are in a constant struggle against some of their own DNA - repeated bits of DNA sequence called transposons that have infiltrated host genomes over the eons.

Increased RNA production

Now that studies have shown microRNAs regulate genes involved in normal functioning as well as diseases such as cancer, everyone wants to know: What regulates microRNAs?

Structural alphabet of RNA

A team of bioinformaticians report the discovery of a structural alphabet that can be used to infer the 3D structure of ribonucleic acid from sequence data

RNA offers protection

Every minute, 30,000 of our outermost skin cells die so that we can live. When they do, new cells migrate from the inner layer of the skin to the surface of it, where they form a tough protective barrier.

Automated RNA purification for gene-expression analysis projects

As the sequence of the human genome is deciphered, determining gene function and gene expression are becoming the focus of life science research. Carola Schade and Achim Wehren reports.

Automated method for isolation of total RNA

The Strategene Absolutely RNA Microprep Kit allows high throughput isolation of total RNA from small samples of cultured cells.





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