Residual solvent analysis

Cannabis labs can now analyse residual solvents in cannabis with confidence, thanks to a new product from Restek

Passive air samplers with radial design

Versatile, high-performing radiello passive air samplers are now available from Restek

Online tool speeds up selection process

Restek has added new functionality to its online reference standards form to speed up the selection process for stock and custom standards

New pesticide residue standards

New Oregon cannabis pesticide standards - injecting confidence in analysis

LC accessories launched

Restek adds new products to its range of liquid chromatography products

Microseal septa now available for SPME Arrow

Now available for SPME Arrow: the longer life and simplicity of Merlin Microseal septa

New UHPLC guard cartridges

Latest cartridges deliver ultimate protection for columns

New formulation for determining food contaminants

New MOSH/MOAH retention time standard ensures easy, accurate Iintegration

Faster sample analysis

Same separation, speedier solution

New residual solvents standards

Multicomponent Class 3 residual solvents standards

Rapid perfluorinated alkyl acid analysis

Dr Shun-Hsin Liang presents some recent research using LC-MS/MS

Accuracy in air testing

Shun-Hsin Liang explains how to improve analysis of aldehydes and ketones in air samples with faster, more accurate methodology

From helium to hydrogen

Jack Cochran explains how to optimise for speed or match your original compound retention times via the use of a novel translator





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