Software automates creation of risk assessment reports

A new software tool has been developed that automates the creation of Risk Assessments and also greatly eases the burden of keeping them up to date. Clive Collier reports.

How to create a knowledge repository based on PDF reports

New approaches in data storage allow organisations to move to an electronic environment capturing all raw data from instruments. The use of an industry standard format such as the portable document format (PDF) not only allows capturing reports in an electronic format, but also can improve compliance where necessary. PDF reports, says Freek Varossieau, can build a knowledge repository.

Roche reports positive study of RoACTEMRA given by subcutaneous injection

Roche has announced that the SUMMACTA study met its primary endpoint, showing comparable efficacy of the subcutaneous (SC) formulation of RoACTEMRA (tocilizumab, known as ACTEMRA outside Europe) 162mg weekly compared to 8 mg/kg RoACTEMRA intravenous (IV) formulation every 4 weeks.





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