Cost effective and reliable analysis of beverage antioxidant activity

Antioxidants present in red wine, tea, fruit juices and other beverages are known to give cardio-protective effect. The Randox Food Diagnostics Total Antioxidant Status (TAS) kit provides beverage companies with a useful tool to evaluate the phenolic content of their products by measurement of its antioxidant activity.

Reliable DNA Purification and Sequencing

An applications bulletin is available from Agilent Automation Solutions that describes an automated system that provides for quick and reliable DNA purification and sequencing.

Conveyor offers reliable performance

Fortress Technology latest Vector Integrated Conveyor System which has been recently enhanced to meet new supermarket retailer standards.

Reliable easy-to-use microplate sealer

The MiniSeal Plus is a budget priced, semi-automatic thermal microplate sealer that uniquely combines enhanced comfort and safety in use, with unmatched repeatability in sealing any ANSI/SBS standard footprint plates up to 48mm high and most currently available PCR plates.

Lab equipment: Reliable product temperature monitoring

Providing repeatable and accurate placement of a product thermocouple in a vial or bottle - the Virtis MVP Probe System is a proven freeze drying accessory designed to ensure reliable product temperature monitoring.

Easy, reliable removal of cell culture supernatant

Centre for Biomedicine & Medical Technology Mannheim has installed 50 VACUSAFE comfort units to provide easy, reliable and safe aspiration of biological samples.

Rapid and reliable test

Rapid screening test kits have many benefits in comparison to traditional testing methods for determining the presence of antibiotics in honey.

Potentiometric titration: meeting the challenge of reliable measurements

Eric Trompier describes the most important factors to be taken into account in order to ensure reliable potentiometric titration measurements and looks at how modern instruments help laboratories achieve them effortlessly.

Reliable temperature measurement is key to the sterilisation cycle

The elimination of micro-organisms to the point at which they are no longer detectable in standard media culture, is a basic and essential process within the fields of pharmaceutical manufacturing, research and in health care organisations. The process within which this is carried out is sterilisation, of which there are various forms, but perhaps the most prominent of these is steam or moist heat sterilisation. Neville J. Mitchell reports.

spectrometer is rugged and reliable

The IR300 FT-IR spectrometer is the newest generation of the rugged and reliable instruments designed by Thermo Mattson for routine analysis. This system is suitable for environments that demand simplicity and dependability from their instrumentation.

Reliable, high-throughout tube decapper

Targeting the ever-growing requirement for higher sample throughput the new generation Univo Electric Decapper DC480 from Micronic enables labs tasked with opening multiple sample storage tubes to achieve significant productivity gains.





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