Ensuring clinical flow-rate and reliability diagnostics

A redesigned miniature valve technology is setting standards for size and performance in the laboratory.

Blow away faulty fan problems with a reliability assessment

Faulty fans can be a costly problem in food factories. The temptation might be to go for a quick fix but only expert assistance can get to, and solve, the root cause of the problem.

"Modular HPLC system offers flexibility, reliability and sensitivity"

Users of HPLC instrumentation require a vast array of features and working specifications to meet their application requirement.

Spectrophotometers increase in sophistication and reliability

Over recent years, UV/Visible spectrophotometry has also become even more popular in application areas such as molecular biology. This popularity is partly due to the simplicity of analysis, the non-destructive nature of the sampling, and the cost-effective nature of the technique. M Lee reports.

Accuracy, flexibility and reliability drive automated lab process development

Demand for greater accuracy, flexibility and reliability from automated systems is driving developments in laboratory techniques as diverse as pipetting, colony counting and in vitro testing





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