Incubator shaker reduces sample evaporation

The chamber of the Stuart SI505 can accommodate up to four standard microtitre or deep-well plates

Solid-state illuminator reduces nitrates

Searching for ways to improve the nutritional quality of leafy green vegetables, Lithuanian researchers have found success with new technology that features high-density photosynthetic photon flux generated by a solid-state illuminator.

Chocolate reduces blood pressure

Easter eggs and other chocolate may be good for you - at least in small quantities and preferably if it's dark chocolate - according to research that shows just one small square of chocolate a day can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Exercise in pregnancy reduces size of offspring

According to a new study, regular moderate-intensity aerobic exercise led to a modest reduction in offspring birth weight without restricting the development of maternal insulin resistance.

Tryptophan-enriched diet reduces pig aggression

Feeding the amino acid tryptophan to young female pigs as part of their regular diet makes them less aggressive and easier to manage, according to a study.

Treatment reduces disability in premature babies

A pioneering technique, a world first in Bristol, has been shown to reduce disability in premature babies with serious brain haemorrhage by washing the brain to remove toxic fluid.

Acupuncture reduces hot flashes

Not only is acupuncture as effective as drug therapy at reducing hot flashes in breast cancer patients, it has the added benefit of potentially increasing a woman's sex drive.

Reduction in glycotoxins reduces food risks

Cutting back on the consumption of processed and fried foods, which are high in toxins called Advanced Glycation end products, can reduce inflammation and actually help restore the body's natural defences regardless of age or health status.

Oxygen-saturated blood reduces damaged heart tissue

A recently published study demonstrates that an infusion of blood that is "supersaturated" with oxygen can reduce the amount of damaged heart muscle immediately following a life-threatening heart attack.

Pharmacology: Allergy drug reduces obesity in mice

Researchers used two common over-the-counter allergy medications to reduce both obesity and type 2 diabetes in mice.

Medical method reduces fracture pain

Vesselplasty, a new minimally invasive procedure, increases mobility and reduces pain and the need for pain killers in patients with vertebral compression fractures.

Biotechnology discovery of brain molecule reduces food intake

Researchers have identified a new appetite suppressant for promoting weight loss that they say works in rodents and may one day be used to develop an effective anti-obesity treatment.

Early HIV treatment reduces death rates

Mortality rates of people starting HIV treatment in four African countries approach those of the general population over time, provided that treatment is started before the immune system has been severely damaged.

Modest exercise reduces negative effects of belly fat

Moderate amounts of exercise alone can reduce the inflammation in visceral fat that has been linked with metabolic syndrome, a group of risk factors that predict heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Fatty fish reduces men's risk of heart failure

Eating salmon or other fatty fish just once a week helped reduce men's risk of heart failure, adding to growing evidence that omega-3 fatty acids are of benefit to cardiac health.

Edible packaging made from food by-products reduces use of plastic

University of California food scientist Professor John Krochta has developed an edible food coating derived from the dairy by-product whey.

system integration reduces costs

Whoever wants to maintain their competitive capacity today has to consider the complete flow of processes in the company, organising the areas adevelop-make-sell' as efficiently as possible.

Methadone reduces risk of HIV transmission in people who inject drugs, say experts

People who inject drugs can significantly reduce their risk of HIV infection with the use of opiate substitution treatments such as methadone, as suggested by an international team of researchers in a paper published on

Laparoscopy reduces the risk of small-bowel obstruction

Open surgery appears to be associated with an increased risk of small-bowel obstructions compared to laparoscopic procedures. This is shown by a new study at the Sahlgrenska Academy.





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