Microplate reader can be customised for fluorescence and luminescence

Applications include ATP detection, toxicology, reporter gene assays, dual luciferase assays

Microplate reader range extended

New Biochrom EZ Read 400 Flexi Reader supports specialised microplate applications

Enhanced microplate reader control

Gen5 Version 2.0 data analysis software now available from BioTek

Imaging-based plate reader for fluorescence and luminescence

Offers a choice of three sensor options; fluorescence only, low level luminescence and fluorescence and luminescence

Microplate reader offers environmental control for cell-based applications

Ensures greater biological relevance for a wide range of studies, by allowing assays to be performed under hypoxic or physiological conditions

Autosampler 2000 w/ bar code reader

For laboratories with high sample throughput, the real value of using SOPs is seen when fully automated particle size distribution measurements are made without operator intervention.

Plate reader enables rapid buffer optimisation

Wyatt Technology Corporation has extended the capabilities of its innovative DynaPro Titan Plate Reader system to identify the optimal buffer conditions for protein purification and concentration.

Varioskan flash multimode reader

The flexibility of the Varioskan Flash, in combination with the LanthaScreen platform enables rapid application of TR-FRET technology to multiple target classes across a wide range of application areas.





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