Merck Millipore enhances range of Direct-Q® 3, 5, 8 water purification systems

Merck Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck, has announced the availability of its new range of Direct-Q® water purification systems

Microplate reader range extended

New Biochrom EZ Read 400 Flexi Reader supports specialised microplate applications

Extensive range of purified full length human proteins

Proteins come affinity purified and are guaranteed to be greater than 80 per cent pure making them ideal for use as native antigens for optimised antibody production

Chiller has temperature range of -20 to 40°C

Huber Minichillers reduce water consumption and improve process efficiencies

New ethically-reared meatball range

Scan Foods has launched new mini and deli meatball ranges in the UK, made from ethically reared meat, with no artificial colours or flavours.

Range of Water Purification Systems

Thermo Fisher Scientific has engineered a range of flexible water purification systems that can be used independently or as part of an integrated water system.

HPV vaccines may reduce a wide range of genital diseases

High-coverage human papillomavirus vaccinations among adolescents and young women may result in a rapid reduction of genital warts, cervical cell abnormalities, and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, researchers report.

New range of transfer plasmids

Oxford Expression Technologies has also launched a new range of transfer plasmids with unique signal sequences and promoters, including pOET-1 and pOET-1N that increase cloning efficiency and expression of foreign genes.

Seven models in autoclave range

LTE Scientific has launched its all new Touchclave-R range of autoclaves.
Features include:

Electrode manufacturing range tops more than 300

Radiometer Analytical offers a range of more than 300 electrodes – combined pH, glass or reference electrodes, metal electrodes, ion-selective electrodes and conductivity cells –for every application and budget.

Range of specialised peanut products grows to meet demand

Surprising as it may seem, and despite their fat content, research has indicated firmly that nuts and peanuts are in fact positively beneficial to our health. Louise McKerchar reports on the peanut potential in new products.

Range of kits grows for testing genetically modified organisms

The range of genetically modified organism test kits is expanding and includes developments such as lateral flow or strip test devices. Eric Russell looks at some of the kits which are currently available.

Sensitivity and dynamic range in chemiluminescence imaging systems

The development of chemiluminescence as an alternative to radioactivity for documentation of electrophoresis blots (eg Westerns) has necessitated the development of a new generation of documentation systems with exceptionally high sensitivity and dynamic range.

Microscopes have 3000 Pa pressure range

Leo Electron Microscopy develops, manufactures and distributes worldwide electron microscopes and focused ion beam systems.

drug discovery: a range of solutions

Pharmaceutical companies are currently facing the challenge of significantly increasing the number of NCEs to sustain profitability and investor confidence. This directly impacts on HTS, as this process is at the centre of lead discovery in most major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.





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