New tool offers access to Raman spectroscopy analysis

Sartorius introduces BioPAT® Spectro to enable Raman spectroscopy capability and QbD with its ambr® and BIOSTAT STR® platforms

The buzz around trace-level detection

Can detect concentrations of insecticide that are less than a fiftieth of the level judged harmful to honeybees

The Raman revolution

Andrew Williams reports on Raman spectroscopy methods for health applications

Raman spectroscopy for process monitoring

Karen Esmonde- White reveals fibre optic sampling probe considerations for in-process quantitative Raman spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy offers potential for fast, non-destructive screening

Adulteration of butter with margarine is a common example of food fraud, especially in the developing world

Benchtop Raman imaging system

Renishaw's new RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser speeds up the analysis of tablet composition and structure

Raman’s role in the production line

Karen Esmonde-White on Raman spectroscopy as a process analytical technology for batch or continuous manufacturing

Understanding radiation damage in cells and tissues during cancer treatment

Raman spectroscopy used to detect radiation damage in cells and tissues during cancer treatment

The commercial advantages of Raman

Linking laboratory and process line with optimised Raman solutions. By Lisa Ganster

Inside Raman UK Seminar 2014

Renishaw’s Raman spectroscopy team will be hosting its next Inside Raman seminar on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th April 2014. Held at the Manchester Conference Centre, it will bring together Raman users and experts from a diverse range of applications.

Ocean Optics introduces Raman microscope

Now available from Ocean Optics is the IDRaman micro, a compact microscope designed for Raman measurements in research, quality control and quality assurance environments.

Spectrographic instrumentation firm expands HQ

The manufacturing facility is expected to be fully operational by June 2017

Report on AFM system used at Swansea University

Swansea University uses JPK’s AFM system to study the structural, chemical, optical and electronic properties of materials on the nanoscale

Quick, high-quality data from Raman spectroscopy

Optimised designs are pushing Raman spectroscopy techniques to new levels in terms of speed, sensitivity and resolution. Sean Ottewell reports





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