World’s highest gain high-power laser amplifier

Lasers could transform understanding of high field physics and result in new radiotherapy modalities for the treatment of cancer

Lens enables precision radiotherapy

Withstands the high levels of radiation produced by their synchrotron device onto tumours

Radiation resistant lens enables precision radiotherapy

Need for treatment delivery systems that can deliver precise and accurate care quickly

Lens for precision radiotherapy

Resolve Optics produced a compact f/2.8 lens able to withstand long-term exposure to radiation up to a dose of 100 million radians

Management of low-grade lymphoma

Australian, New Zealand and Canadian researchers pioneer world-first new standard of care for early stage lymphoma patients

Radiotherapy regime for prostate cancer could save NHS tens of millions per year

Researchers believe the new treatment schedule would be more convenient for patients

If radiotherapy hurts your skin, it’s genetic

New gene discovery could mean more personalised cancer care





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