TraceFinder routine quantitative LC-MS software

Compatible with all Thermo Scientific quantitative mass spectrometry platforms and the Transcend system

Robust quantitative alternative to the scratch assay

Cell migration is integral to many physiological processes, including embryonic development, tissue regeneration, and wound healing

Workflow solution for quantitative protein analysis

Applications of high throughput microchromatography for protein analysis are designed to purify, quantitate and react

A brief guide to quantitative analysis of electrophoresis gels

Dr Paul N Goulding discusses some of the important aspects of getting anumbers from pictures' ­ that is quantitative gel analysis.

Quantitative assay of tablets by transmission FT-NIR spectroscopy

In the pharmaceutical industry quality control is one of the most time-consuming activities in the production workflow. Kent T Møller, Magnus Tolleshaug and Thomas W. Jensen report on the use of near infrared spectroscopy for quality control analysis.

quantitative polymerase chain reaction

Bio-safety testing programmes span the product cycle from early pre-clinical development through to licensed production. Application of quantitative polymerase chain reaction (Q-PCR) technology within this industry is now well established.





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