Improved extraction of high quality RNA

amsbio has announced a new kit for the extraction of high quality RNA from FFPE tissues that can be applied not only to PCR but also microarray applications.

Semen quality depends upon antioxidants

Experts have spent the past four years analysing the link between dietary habits or workplace exposure to contaminants and the quality of semen among men attending fertility clinics.

Achieving a new quality level in tailoring genetic diversity

Dr Thomas Waldmann examines a novel strategy for tailoring genetic diversity.

New chocolate process maintains quality of batch but with shortened production times

Chocolate – the tempting mixture of cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and, in the case of milk chocolate, milk powder – has a storied past.

LIMS improve data quality and deliver a fast turnaround

Laboratory information management systems provide quality data to management for faster decision making and with the ability to dynamically update manufacturing systems. Mike Hatton reports.

Impingement: freezing technology for speed, safety and quality

Frigoscandia Equipment developed impingement technology for flat products in 1994 as a way of delivering the same speed and quality as cryogenic freezing but at half the cost. By 2001, the technology had already been adopted for more than half the frozen hamburger patties processed in the United States.

Meat analyser for quality inspections

The increasing demands now being made on quality and price-conscious production have prompted meat and sausage firms to intensify the inspections they perform in the field of quality assurance.

Clever genetics can lead to improvements in food quality

The association between modern molecular biology and farming seems an unlikely one. But, as Stephen Leese explains how each can benefit from each other.

LIMS system installed to improve quality control for dairy products

Freek Rooze looks at the use of a laboratory information management system for the quality control of dairy products.

How to meet the special design and quality needs of biopharm

Regulations and time-to-market pressures leave little room for error in the biopharm market ­ but design quality, schedule and deliverables can all be enhanced using 3D technology, says Dean Martyniak.

The impact of ultrapure water quality on biotech research

The demand for pure water in media preparation and washing materials for mammalian cell culture is well established. J F Pilette reports.

How to achieve measurement quality in Karl Fischer analyses

Eric Trompier explains why a low standard deviation or relative standard deviation does not necessarily correspond to a high level of accuracy nor the result obtained correspond to the true value of your sample.

New moisture analyzers enable quick and quality food manufacturing

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of its new high-speed Excellence HS153 Moisture Analyzer.

Quality analysis for food

MCS 600 and the CORONA PLUS systems are diode array spectrometer for measurements in the UV/visible and NIR spectral range

8th Annual Quality & OPEX in Pharma & Biotech

Leading pharma players such as Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, Merck, Novartis, Genzyme, Teva, etc. understand that manufacturing quality is becoming a key driver in successful and timely product launches. Find solutions to overcome the challenges lying ahead for the pharma industry at this event in Frankfurt, 4-5 October.






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