Improving data quality in nitrogen determination

Developed by Exeter Analytical Inc. for use with the Model 440 Elemental Analyzer - Linear Regression Plus is a unique software algorithm that provides unmatched accuracy in the determination of the nitrogen content of combustible samples.

High quality chromatography glassware

Kimble Chase designs and manufactures glass products for preparative scale-up, thin layer chromatography (TLC) and HPLC

Automated production of high quality blood agar

Quality of blood agar plates is of prime importance for the reliable determination of haemolysis type

Moisture consistency is key in food quality control

Adam Equipment’s PMB Moisture Balance offers the right features to provide the required consistency in measurement

Higher quality packaging for sliced meat

APET thermoformed trays from Færch Plast can either be sealed with lids or packed in sealed bags

Quality assurance/quality control testing

QA/QC testing determines whether or not a product meets control specifications in relation to its identity, composition or purity

Centrifuge tubes deliver high quality and increased speed capability

Sterilin has launched an extended range of sterile polypropylene centrifuge tubes Sterilin has launched a new, extended range of sterile polypropylene centrifuge tubes that offers increased speed capability of up to 12,000 x g

New milk quality biomarker

The individual classic markers for milk quality control are easy to be manipulated and it is difficult to use these markers to monitor the raw milk content in formula milk and various milk products.

Top Quality Microanalysis Consumables

Exeter Analytical offers laboratories involved with elemental microanalysis a single source for top quality, competitively priced CHN/O/S consumables and supplies irrespective of the analyser they use.

High Quality Quartz Reaction Tubes

Manufactured from only high quality low hydroxyl materials - Quartz reaction tubes from Exeter Analytical enable laboratories to achieve consistent low level blanks thereby improving the precision and accuracy of your CHN microanalysis results.

High quality copper for precise determinations

The quality of copper used in the reduction process employed by Dumas analyzers is widely acknowledged to critically affect the precision of Nitrogen/Protein determination.

Preparing high quality culture media

The new MEDIACLAVE from INTEGRA enables laboratories to rapidly and reliably prepare 1-30 litres of high quality culture media, reducing labour costs and freeing staff to more productive tasks.

Automated LIMS solution facilitates quality control in the food supply chain

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) help to ensure that food manufacturers operate in compliance with today's strict standards and regulations. Using an application example, Colin Thurston shows how.

Crops impact environmental quality

Crop residues, perennial warm season grasses, and short-rotation woody crops are potential biomass sources for cellulosic ethanol production.

Tomato quality depends on temperature

A team of scientists has questioned the generally held belief that the quality of tomatoes depends primarily on their exposure to natural light and states that the most determining factor is temperature.

Marker-Assisted Breeding And Quality Control

Fluidigm Corporation has announced it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Bayer CropScience to supply integrated fluidic circuits and instrumentation to Bayer CropScience's global operations.

Reaching quality standards with a systematic approach to design

Adrian Possumato examines pseudo-empirical modelling which is essential to achieving true Quality by Design.

Gas mixtures help preserve the quality of packaged meats

Myra Armson discusses modified atmosphere packaging and how gas composition and protocol adherence can impact on the appearance and quality of packaged meats.

High quality 2ml compound storage plate

The 2ml square deep well microplate from Porvair Sciences Ltd. is the 96-well plate of choice for laboratories involved with compound storage.

New Joint Venture between Vitiva and Food Quality

FutureMeat is a consulting, marketing and sales company targeting fresh meat manufacturers, offering full natural solutions and custom-made blends for various meat applications that bear clean labels.






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