Tackling the complex area of peptides

The challenges of peptide analysis and purification. By Cecilia Mazza

Peptides purification HPLC columns

Resolux line delivers purification solutions for very short peptides up to large chains by offering consumables in three different pore sizes

Reliable DNA Purification and Sequencing

An applications bulletin is available from Agilent Automation Solutions that describes an automated system that provides for quick and reliable DNA purification and sequencing.

Preparative-Scale Purification of Compounds

Available from Dorton Analytical the Octave Chromatography System is an automated chromatography platform designed for preparative-scale purification of chemical and biological compounds.

Range of Water Purification Systems

Thermo Fisher Scientific has engineered a range of flexible water purification systems that can be used independently or as part of an integrated water system.

Solving the protein purification challenge

A multi-institutional research team including may have found a new solution in an enzymatic 'food processor' they can activate at will.

Adenovirus purification in only two hours

Vivascience’s first ion exchange membrane-based adenovirus purification product, the Vivapure AdenoPACK100, was introduced into the market in the beginning of 2005.

Flexible platform and simple method for sample purification

PickPen magnetic particle technology from Bio-Nobile Oy offers improvements to the conventional magnetic bioseparation.

Parallel protein purification workstation is a world first

The ability of Australian scientists to study the molecular structure and function of proteins has taken a leap forward with the announcement that the world's largest parallel protein purification workstation is to be housed at Monash University in Victoria.

Modular system for high-throughput protein purification

After completion of the human genome project, proteomics research has increasingly attracted the attention of the scientific community. However, progress in this field has been restrained by the difficulties encountered in isolating and purifying proteins from complex samples.

Kits for purification of tagged proteins

Purify histidine-tagged or GST fusion proteins rapidly, gently and conveniently with magnetic particle technology.

Purification of Plasmid DNA by polishing and Endotoxin removal

Increasing requirements for higher purity plasmid DNA preparations have driven the development of new chromatography technologies. Victor Bornsztejn reports.

New plant for bulk production and purification of insulin

A new E300 million plant in Denmark combines advanced control, three dimensional design,clean-in-place technology, water purification and sterilisation in one insulin production and purification plant. eLab takes a look inside.

genomic DNA FROM HUMAN BLOOD: purification Sample preparation made simple WITH KIT

The latest addition to a range of QuickPick kits from Bio-Nobile Oy is a kit for the purification of genomic DNA from human blood.

purification syStem prevents tainting

Anew four stage filtration system, designed for the beverage and bottling industries, reduces product spoilage by ensuring the purification of carbon dioxide used in the processes.

Sample purification kits for mRNA and protein

Now available from Bio-Nobile Oy is a range of kits for the purification of nucleic acids and proteins, based on BN's magnetic particle separation technology.

docking vessels for water purification systems

ELGA LabWater, the laboratory water purification specialist, has launched the DV25 and DV35 docking vessels to complement and add to the flexibility of its PURELAB Prima, PURELAB Option and MEDICA water purification systems.

Automated RNA purification for gene-expression analysis projects

As the sequence of the human genome is deciphered, determining gene function and gene expression are becoming the focus of life science research. Carola Schade and Achim Wehren reports.

Benefits of small-scale antibody purification using magnetic beads

A well-known method for purification of antibodies from serum, ascites, and cell culture supernatant is to utilise the strong affinity of the Fc part of IgG to protein A from Staphylococcus or protein G from Streptococcus





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