Greater environmental protection from monitoring lower levels of contaminants

Next generation calibration gas mixtures are essential to enable new air quality analysis technologies. Stephen Harrison reports.

Protection against potentially harmful DNA

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have discovered a molecular security system in human cells that deactivates and degrades foreign DNA.

Pathogen protection and virulence

Researchers have discovered a fungal protein that plays a key role in causing disease in plants and animals and which also shields the pathogen from oxidative stress.

Pharmacology: Complete protection against malaria

The prospects for an effective vaccine for malaria are considerably better since the discovery that healthy volunteers can be fully protected against malaria.

Protection against pandemic influenza

A novel vaccine strategy using virus-like particles could provide stronger and longer-lasting influenza vaccines with a significantly shorter development and production time than current ones.

Heart Protection in Adulthood

A new study that delivered embryonic stem cells to mouse embryos in the earliest stages of development found that the resulting mice demonstrated a capacity to recover from cardiac injury in adulthood.

Stroke protection

A proprietary formulation of blueberry, green tea, vitamin D3 and carnosine extracts is a combination of nutritional ingredients thought to be potent in protecting against brain damage.

RNA offers protection

Every minute, 30,000 of our outermost skin cells die so that we can live. When they do, new cells migrate from the inner layer of the skin to the surface of it, where they form a tough protective barrier.

Compost offers protection

Applying organic fertilisers to agricultural land could increase the amount of carbon stored in these soils and contribute significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

‘Real’ over temperature protection

Aprocess safety and protection feature is now included as standard on the Huber third generation Unistat series.

Belts add antibacterial protection on a pork deboning conveyor line

Frank J M van Esch looks at antibacterial protection for modular conveyor belts which help food manufacturers improve hygiene in the production environment by minimising the cross-infection risks from food poisoning bacteria.

Protection for delicate tea aromas

Ordinary tea and good tea are miles apart. This is particularly true of fruit teas, which are difficult to compare with any other flavour and nuance if their aroma is well preserved. Fruit teas are also one of the most sensitive foodstuffs in terms of aroma.

protection from powders in the laboratory

The use of chemical products in the laboratory is a risk from which any user must be protected. Breathing everyday small quantities of chemical products, in the medium or long term, is a health hazard.

Designer enzyme protection

Designer enzymes will have applications for defence against biological warfare, by deactivating pathogenic biological agents.

Soy offers cancer protection

A compound found in soybeans almost completely prevented the spread of human prostate cancer in mice, according to a recent study.

Atherosclerosis protection

Scientists have identified the genes that bring about the reduction of "bad cholesterol" in the blood.





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