Phase II proof of concept study for novel cardioprotective compound

European study being performed as part of Trophos-led, EU funded MitoCare project

Completion of proof of concept study for heart attack

Animal study demonstrates midkine treatment reduces heart muscle death by 27 per cent following heart attack

Proof in humans of RNA interference

Researchers and clinicians have published the first proof that a targeted nanoparticle-used as an experimental therapeutic and can turn off an important cancer gene using a mechanism known as RNA interference.

Proof of principle findings for SPR array chips

Biacore Biacore International AB has announced new data that demonstrates proof-of-principle of its surface plasmon resonance (SPR) array chip technology in relevant biological applications.

The technology, which is expected to increase the number of detailed biological evaluations in drug discovery, is being developed with pharmaceutical companies including Millennium Pharmaceuticals.





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