New plant for bulk production and purification of insulin

A new E300 million plant in Denmark combines advanced control, three dimensional design,clean-in-place technology, water purification and sterilisation in one insulin production and purification plant. eLab takes a look inside.

"Digital automation for powerful, cost-effective production solutions"

When an Italian manufacturer of anti cancer compounds chose to update its automation systems, it turned to a supplier with a long track record of meeting FDA regulations. The result is a powerful, cost-effective solution.

Improving production efficiency in the food industry with automation

Well-known to the pharmaceutical industry, traceability, conformity and the ability to repeat a procedure precisely from batch to batch are now becoming increasingly important in the food industry. The result is a huge uptake in modern process automation.

Using new analytical technology to improve biotech production

As the need to understand bioprocesses grows, continuous online measurement using accurate and reliable analytical techniques is essential. As Richard Ahearne explains, innovative multiple task equipment is now bringing advanced process control nearer.

Improving production efficiency by automating the food industry

The food industry relies on numerous often complex processes, so it is no surprise that the best automation and control technologies developed for chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing are now helping improve efficiency for a whole new range of users.

Adhesive tapes take the pressure out of mobile phone production

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are fast emerging as the modern, effective way to join components in a number of industries and mobile phones are no exception. Rod Daley reports.

Food production trends: a balance of the functional and health-enhancing

European Food Information Council (EUFIC) outlines research trends which are aimed at making food healthier, safe and nicer to eat.

"aGold standard' in drug production is unnecessary, research claims"

Over-engineering in pharmaceutical companies is pushing up the cost of drugs. But these could be lowered, saving as much as £3 million on a £20 million plant.

New salmon peptone – sustainable marine resources used in the production of high-value biotech products

A project has successfully examined the commercial viability of the use of marine derived peptones in the production of high value products through fermentation processes.

Protein production: going viral

A research team of scientists from EMBL Grenoble and the IGBMC in Strasbourg, France, have, for the first time, described in molecular detail the architecture of the central scaffold of TFIID: the human protein complex essential for transcription from DNA to mRNA.

Cholesterol medicine affects energy production in muscles

Up to 75 per cent of patients who take statins to treat elevated cholesterol levels may suffer from muscle pain.

Product management for liquids during production and transport

UCON AG Containersysteme KG - manufacturer in the field of heatable and isolated stainless steel containers for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries - has the right answer to the specific needs of their customers with the cylindrical heated stainless steel tank UCON ZBEI.

Controlling nucleation on production freeze dryers

SP Scientific has announced that ControLyo™ Nucleation On-Demand Technology can now be retrofitted to a wide range of previously installed production freeze dryers.

Antioxidants influenced by production site

Black raspberries have been studied for decades by scientists and medical researchers interested in the fruits' apparent ability to limit the onset or severity of degenerative diseases.

Key molecules inhibit viral production

Researchers found that peptides derived from the core protein of hepatitis C. inhibit not only dimerisation of the core protein, but also production of the actual virus itself.

Plant hormone production

Researchers have pinpointed a small group of genes responsible for "telling" plants when, where and how to produce a hormone that is key to their development.






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